Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Through The Darkness

I call out through the darkness black,
To people of whom I often dream,
In hopes that I might receive answer back
From that in which I believe,
yet never have seen.
I search for answers, yet none do I find;
Only more questions to trouble my spirit.
Yet a voice seems to be whisper words not unkind
And so I move closer and struggle to hear it.
It speaks to my soul; my mind can't understand,
For my heart beats a rhythm out of sync with my brain.
I know something is there, wondrous and grand,
And if I could but learn, true peace might I gain.
Soon all around me are whispers, words without voices

Offering so many answers that I cannot hear,
Save once in a while, through hardships and choices,
When one sweet gentle word finds its way to my ear.
Thus I know thou art good,Lord

thus I know thou art wise Lord
And thus do I know that I'm not gone unheard
Thus I know thou art here,
though unseen by my eyes,
Like the smell of morning dew, like the song of a bird.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Then they came to Elim,
where there were 12 springs of water and 70 date palms,
and they camped there by the waters.
Exodus: 15:27

As the children watched their mothers cry (with Joy) as we pulled out of the parking lot,I new at that moment I really did not know their children,but within hours I understood their cries of Joy.
This trip brought back memories for me.
I remembered during our drive to Elim that I didn't miss the sound of "Are We There Yet"
I remembered that girls can giggle till 4am.
I remembered that boys can make bodily noises and laugh till they cry.
I remembered that bras and underwear can be frozen.
I remembered that boys are bottomless pits
I remembered that sugar highs soon wear off
But most importantly I remembered how to become childlike again.

My realization came to me early Saturday morning when I awoke to several little girls sitting on my bed giggling. What was soo funny was my first thought,it was in that moment I realized they had toilet papered me while I slept.
next year I will remember to sleep lightly.

This weekend was a blessed weekend and the children had a wonderful time.
Their thirst for God is amazing and I believe the Lord SUPERSIZED them individually in His amazing unique way.

Jasmin,Mark,Phil and Mel were amazing.The lessons and their personal testimonies spoke of their courage to decide to follow God. They were brave in their testemonies and I know the children all could relate in some way to their own lives.

I was particularily blessed with the fact that my grandaughter Mackenzie was filled with questions and obsevations. I over heard her Saturday evening humming Blessed be the name of the Lord. I asked her what she was singing and her reply was
"I don't know Grandma but I can't get it out of my head" She was humming it again Sunday morning at breakfast.
When we were watching a video on all the things Jesus is,she looked at me and said "That guy is really alot of things isn't he" However her big concern was,was she the only one that would be going to hell as she knew she was not like the others. God answered my prayers for this weekend and He blessed me with the opening of a door that has been closed for a very long time.
I praise him for that and for all the Leaders that spoke with her and made her feel so welcome.
I love our Church so much as the passion within,for all the children is so great.

So I end this with saying Rhonda,Brandy,Leanne,Kevin,Jason and as my grandaughter called him Master Mark.
You have blessed us all with your love and I thank you for allowing me to be a part of this amazing Supersizing of our most precious gift. Our Children.

Now check out the pics from Crying mothers to Guitar Heros

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tis the night before the retreat and all through my house the creatures are stirring ,that doesn't include my spouse.
Some clothes are washing others I am packing with care.
Oh my! what about my hair?
So I pack my dryer for my golden main
Ya I know, Kids don't care but I am vain.

Grandmo can you sit on the bus with me?
and when we get there are we going to Party?

Ya No Grandmo is old
and isn't partial to the winter cold.
Chips and dip is all they've asked
I wished Wayne had given me a flask.

This being said all in jest
I better go and get some rest,for those Junior Highs are truly the best.

As I leave you now, I will summarize.
After this weekend those kids will be Super Sized.


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