Saturday, March 1, 2008

Back in the day. For you Amy

Remember back in the Day

When snowball fights included the whole neighbourhood.
When playing road hockey included the dads and moms
When Princess was something you wanted to be and not written on the butt of your pants.
When hanging around a lamp post at night wasn't loitering but was Home for Hide and Go Seek
When we believed in fairies and didn't call people that.
When pajama's were worn to bed and not the mall.
When crack was something you didn't step on for fear of breaking your mother's back.
When gay was being Happy
When Aylmer the Elephant was Cool and Officer Hall was the man.
When fear was only of the dark.
When downtown was place to be and not the place to avoid.
When Prayer was in school and not forbidden.

When God was real and not a choice.

When I thought it would never change
I remember

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