Thursday, March 20, 2008

The story of the Easter Dog.

Well ladies I have a story to share with all of you.
Shari remember I was saying I was lacking patience at work and with people, well my honesty was let loose today firmly but not defensive or with anger but calmly.

Today was very busy at work and after serving a customer
Here was the conversation that ensued at the end of the sale.
Me in red
her in black

"Have a good weekend and Happy Easter"

"Oh I can say that back it's all about the Bunny"

" I am sure God would love to know that"

"Oh you don't really believe that?"

"Yes I do"


" Yes don't you believe or trust in anything?"

"Ya my Dog"

"Really Why?"

"Cause he loves me,and is always there for me,when I am mad at him he forgets and loves me anyway,he's there when I am sick and when I am gone he is always glad to see me come home.I can count on him"


She turned and left.

Funny how people feel it may offend others if we wish someone a Merry Christmas but Easter is ok as it's all about the Bunny.
I pray someday all will know the importance and the true meaning of Easter.
Thank you Father

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