Sunday, January 25, 2009

May I Have This Dance

I love it when God shows us things in the manner in which only we the individual can understand.

For some it may be a feeling others a vision but for me God uses music.

I find joy and understanding in all types of music.

Since I was child I could go off into whatever land I imagined perhaps with green skies ,blue grass, purple moons.
I believe for me He teaches me not only with His word but with tools He knows Only I will understand at that moment.

We have all heard the saying music soothes the savage beast.

Well there has been a beast inside of me that I clearly recognized today during the sermon of Hope.

The beast that we all deal with and that is, our own will.

As I spoke in another posting it is my time to start at the beginning,time to weed His Garden.

I must say I feel embarrassed in front of the Lord when I have to hand the same old same old things over. I guess I figure How many times can He possibly stand to listen to pain and dissapointment in my heart. I feel that know matter how much I learn and know in my heart,my head gets the better of me.

Today I once again laid it at the cross.

My offenses, My envy, My covetting, My lost desires of my heart smothered by anger.

But are they really lost or are they just not right at this time in my life?

Father Knows Best and that's all I need know.

I left today feeling I had done the right thing handing it over but there was still that feeling of hopelessness in my heart.
Kevins words rung strongly in my mind
Hopelessness is a slow death.
Fruit of the Spirit kept playing in my head. Followed by the words Child of War
Am I child of God that is in a battle for freedom from my past my present but mostly myself?
Is this a war we all face daily?
Am I alone in this?
I couldn't stand to think anymore so I turned on the radio UCB ya No I didn't want to hear a worship song as I was in a pity me mode.
So I switched to CD mode.
Steve had put a CD in that he made and the song started

Here are the lyrics.

The Song is called The Third Hoorah!

WarChild, dance the days and nights away ---
sweet child, how do you do today?
When your back's to the wall,and your luck is your all,
then side with whoever you may.
SEEK that which within lies waiting to begin
the fight of your life that is everyday.
Dance with the WarChild ---
WarChild, dance the days and nights away ---
sweet child, how do you do today?
In the heart of your heart, there's the tiniest part
of an urge to live to the death ---
with a sword on your hip and a cry on your lips
to strike LIFE in the inner child's breast.
Dance with the WarChild ---
WarChild, dance the days and nights away ---sweet child, how do you do today?

May I have this dance?
It would be my pleasure Lord.
Thankyou for asking when I didn't have the courage to.

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