Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Through The Darkness

I call out through the darkness black,
To people of whom I often dream,
In hopes that I might receive answer back
From that in which I believe,
yet never have seen.
I search for answers, yet none do I find;
Only more questions to trouble my spirit.
Yet a voice seems to be whisper words not unkind
And so I move closer and struggle to hear it.
It speaks to my soul; my mind can't understand,
For my heart beats a rhythm out of sync with my brain.
I know something is there, wondrous and grand,
And if I could but learn, true peace might I gain.
Soon all around me are whispers, words without voices

Offering so many answers that I cannot hear,
Save once in a while, through hardships and choices,
When one sweet gentle word finds its way to my ear.
Thus I know thou art good,Lord

thus I know thou art wise Lord
And thus do I know that I'm not gone unheard
Thus I know thou art here,
though unseen by my eyes,
Like the smell of morning dew, like the song of a bird.

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