Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Between Fight and Flight

Have you ever had a moment where you felt the need to Flee?
There are days when the ways of the world can imbed itself strongly into your heart.
The pain the suffering.
The deceit
The politics of the secular world aka "The Norm"
Somedays when work is tough and people are cruel and the past rears it's ugly head are days when I feel the need to Flee.
I just want to be normal again.
But what is normal?
Bowing down to the ways of the world.
Living an empty life.
I have discovered that once Christ is in your life nothing is ever"Normal" again
The discovery in Blessings in every awful thing becomes clearer as I walk daily.
Is it always easy to see?
Absolutely not!
However the closer I become to the Lord the less of the "Norm" there is plaguing my life.
Does this mean I am turning a blind eye?
No my sight has become clearer even when my understanding has not.
There are days when I want to fight it with my own power of my mind.
And those are the days I lose hope.
The Flesh verses the Spirit.
The battle is tough but God prevails always.

Usually it takes a few days with me but I praise the fact that He is a patient God.
My hope for this world returns through the love of my Father.
For He shows me
Between Fight and Flight is a Blind mans Sight.

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