Friday, June 27, 2008

Gods Symphony

Many a post ago I had written about how my father would take me fairy hunting.
How we would look at the things around us (falling leaves ) and then he would play music and ask me to picture the leaves dancing.
Since those moments when I was just a babe (4-6) I have always seen the beauty in everything. When older I would say to people see the music.
Well of late I have been dreaming alot about truth.
Sometimes my dreams would be filled with music and others just the Lord and I speaking truth to each other.
It has been the last few days I felt the need to write about Gods symphony.
Pastor kevin had spoken about worship time not being about the music but your personal time with God.
Sometimes I think the music and the lyrics are an added bonus when one may perhaps lack the words of praise to Him.
However I am seeing of late it is about our personal words to him to others, kind or cruel that make up the music to His ears.
The words of our lives are our personal symphony to Him.

Have you ever listened to a piece of classical music and some of the instruments and their sounds make you feel something wether it be joy or sadness or fear.
Has a piece of music ever made you cry? The notes alone.
Think about each instrument and their sound as the words we speak to others on a daily basis.
Anger: The kettle drums
Strength and power: The horns
Fear:The cello
Joy and Sadness: The violins

A piece of music can bring forth many emotions and so can our words.
How we choose to treat others through our actions or use of our words are the notes of our personal symphony to God.
He hears our anger fear joy and love.
When God calls us home what will your symphony sound like to Him?
The symphony will be our lives replayed.
Make it Beautiful music to His ears.
Choose to play and speak the instrument of Truth.

I have enclosed my favourite scene from American Beauty.
This scene makes me cry everytime I watch it as I can see the music in the simple things in life. The beauty of the words spoken.

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