Sunday, July 26, 2009

Salute to my Blogging Buddies

Just sitting re-reading the blogs from my friends and family and I just love the differences we all have.

Holly shares her garden

Teena shares her innermost thoughts

Bryna shares world events.

Pat (my sister) shares funny pics of cats

Jeremy (my brother) shares the quest for the perfect burger

Rhonda shares a great question

Jen shares her talent

Amy shares nakedness

Juls shares her memories

Tammy shares special occasions

Nana Cheryl shares the word

Cindi shares her addiction

Karen shares her adventure

Sarah shares her faithfullness

And some haven't shared for awhile, for their lives have been busy and contrary to popular belief it is actually summer and vacations are being taken,but I know they will be back and I will be ready to read.

As for me I share my thanks and salute my friends and families differences.
I enjoy checking your blogs daily. They make me laugh cry ponder but most of all they fill my heart with Joy as I am privy and blessed to be included in the sharing of your lives.
The best part is
Tomorrow or perhaps days from now each one will share something different.

You are my Bits and Bites
every reading is a whole new ballgame.
(Please tell me someone remembers that commercial)

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