Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bitter Sweet Moment

Tis the season we think of family.
This morning I was thinking about my mom and  dad and how much I miss them.
I miss mom constantly singing  the Hallelujah Chorus
with my father following her lead and in a low deep voice
singing King of Kings and Lord of Lords
This is my favourite piece of music as I have heard it since I was just a little one.
My heart began to sink knowing mom never knew here on earth that she had a 3rd great grandchild and  my father knowing but never being able to meet him
knowing I won't be tasting moms mince meat pies this Christmas
laughing over Christmas dinner as we wore the silly paper crowns and over tea afterwards, putting together the little toys from the Christmas crackers.
but as always
God prevails when a heart is in pain.
and he does it (with me) with Great Humour
after a good cry and talk with God I went to the computer intending to write
such lovely thankful heart wrenching words about my parents
a tribute of sorts
and an email popped up
 My mother was an absolutely witty funny creative woman and my father, well his humour very dry.
He was her wingman.
God really knows how to turn my Sorrow into Joy
yes I am doing the actions  :-)
What an amazing King of Kings and Lord of Lords

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