Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Angelina Update and Prayer request

Just wanted to update you on my 2nd cousin Angelina
As you recall I posted she was very premature.
She is now a whopping 2pounds 7ounces.Her eyes are now open and the palms of her hands are about the size of the ball of your thumb. I am picturing how tiny that is.
Yesterday her parents got to hold her for the first time. She is now 6 weeks old.
I can only imagine the excitement.
However she needs to have surgery on her heart as there is a flap that hasn't matured and her oxygen level is not on par,this surgery will help the blood flow and restore her oxygen levels to normal. The doctors are also going to put her on steroids to help her lungs.
Maria her mother has had a set back and is suffering from more than post partem depression. She is suffering from psychosis.
Her moods are very eratic and she is becoming paranoid.
I ask that we pray for Angelina for a successful surgery and that Maria heals mentally and that the Lord bestows the utmost of patience to my cousin and Maria's husband Mathew.
Thanks for your prayers.

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