Monday, May 11, 2009

Thoughts on the Previous Post...Questions

I love the comments about what you see in these photos.
From Fluffy Pom Poms to Jack in the Beanstock.
From Eww a Bee to an ants perspective.
From a great hum of a song to a scary one Hahahahaha Holly too funny!

Well here are my thoughts.
First off it's the same plant.Different angle.
I love the second one with the thorns the best.
It reminded me of my walk with Christ. That was my immediate thought when I saw it.
Perhaps it reflects every Christians walk?
The stem is our path
The thorns our obstacles
But look past them looking up and what do you see?
The beautiful blue sky
The obtainable light from the darkness below,the light that directs our hearts to Jesus
but careful now.......Keep focussed on the beauty of the light for we are not there yet as hovering ever so quietly to your top right of the picture is the bee. (2nd pic) look closely you can see it's belly.
Is it just a bee or satan trying to sting our happy thoughts of Jesus.
Do we always know the difference?
Notice it is hovering on the beautiful purple flower. (1st pic)
The pretty purple flower to me conveyed temptation.
Are all things beautiful good for us?
Would you reach out blindly and pick that flower discounting the power the little bee has?
How many of us have just reached out and have gotten stung?
It's hard to constantly keep focussed when temptation comes a callin but fortunately for us the bee is no match for the Epi Pen we carry with us in our hearts.
Every day we will face the thorns and the bee, but, where there is the will there is .........
The Truth
The Life

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