Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Blessing of Children

Thursday Night was a very special night in my life and one I will always hold dear to my heart.
I have been blessed with being able to assist and teach the Junior Highs of our church
These children are very close to my heart.
They all affectionately call me GrandMo as I am the oldest at 52
Right Brittany hahahaha.
The children in these past few weeks have been excited about doing devotionals.
They all have been fabulous.
Thursdays devotional was on Healing through Faith.
Brittany McFaul chose to do the devotional as on Tuesday I will be going into hospital for a hysterectomy/ bladder lift basically a gettin up there overhaul.
Brittany's devotional was amazing, she spoke of being healed by His stripes and about having faith in the Lords healing.
She did a wonderful job presenting her devotional.
Britt even anticipated my apprehension and a tad bit of fear and ensured me all will be just fine for God is taking care of me
"Even when you don't feel His presence Grandmo,He is there."
A gentle reminder when fear can sometimes over shadow Faith
The children shared with us their experiences of when God had healed them.
Wow Praise God!
Britt asked her peers to be intercessors for me when I might feel to tired or too sore to pray.
At the end of this she asked me to sit in the middle of the room and gathered the others around me.
There I recieved many prayers for a speedy recovery.

I love these children so much and I recieved their prayers with a truly believing heart.
The fear was gone for I truly knew in my heart that I would never be alone.
The Holy Spirit filled me with not only His love but theirs as well.
I am so blessed.

The children of our church are so amazing and their pure hearted faith alone is a testimony we should all experience.
Just watch them sometime.
That's what caught my attention the first time I attended Desert Stream
It blew me away the passion for God that emminated from our Youth
Blessed are the Children

Thanks Britt for such a wonderful night in my life.
and Thankyou Junior Highs for your unconditional Love.

I Love you guys very much and will miss you over these next few weeks.
Blessings to you

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Enthusiasm 2009

AmenThank you Father
Was browsing the blogs as I do several times in the evening and was inspired by Holly's.
Holly has a passion for gardening and I enjoy seeing her pictures throughout the Spring and summer seasons and watching her garden grow.
Her anticipation and enthusiasm for Newness in all things beit flowers or growth in the Lord inspires me.
Holly I feel that from you between each line of your writings.
I got thinking what am I truly enthusiastic about in my life?
I have to say the only thing I could think of was the Lord.
Not a bad thing at all as that is where I am in my life right now.
However I hope I can find something in this secular world that I am this enthusiastic and passioned filled with as much as my spiritual growth.
Perhaps writing, I do enjoy that but don't take the time.
Admittedly a bit fearful of writing my thoughts down.
Those who know me,know I have many uncontrolled thoughts that just seem to be shot from the hip.
So I am going to try and capture these down in a journal.
Hey who knows maybe a best seller one day. Just hope it's not in the horror section hahahaha.
So I ask this question
What are you enthusiastic about doing in 2009?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Joyful Joyful... Thinking Of My Mom

Well these past 10 days have been a really freeing experience for me.
It's taken many a year but I learned 10 days ago there was a difference between forgiveness and holding on to offense.
Praise God the two finally connected.
I have done both.
I should be posting the video Thick as a Brick hahaha
However my heart is so filled with Joy in the Lord.
His timing is always perfect and should not be questioned.
Learned that one too.
Anyway sitting here enjoying some worship music and it hit me really hard that I wish I could share this moment of revelation with my mother.
Heart feeling a tad heavy and once again the Lord placed this one word in my head.
and it hit me Sister Act.
My mother loved these movies and I swear she thought she was Whoopie.
Well she is now, in the presence of the Lord.
Pat and Jeremy I know you are picturing this and giggling like we always did.
I bet you're both in an uproar :-)

So God and Mom
This ones for you.
Thanks for giving me Joy.
You Go Girl!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Powerful Statement

"The Creation of the world cost God nothing,but the creation of the gospel cost Him everything.
It cost Him His only begotten Son."
Studying for my ISOM exam tomorrow and teared up reading this statement.
It just so happens it was the section on the power of the Holy Spirit.
What an awsome God we have.
Sometimes I have moments when the comprehension of this fact is needed and welcomed with open arms.
Followed always with tears of Joy.
Thankyou Father God.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

10 Months Later.... Angelina Update

Oh My How the Lord is Sooooo Good.

This is an update on Angelina.

Angelina is my second cousin she was born April 11th 2008 only 24 weeks and 6 days into moms pregnancy.

You may remember my post for prayers for her.

At 59 days old she required heart surgery as she had chronic lung disease. The surgery was to help her breathe properly without a ventilator.

She managed to get off the vent but has another breathing aparatus.

In the past 10 months of her life she spent 138 days in hospital.

The surgery for some reason has damaged her little vocal cords so she just makes little squeaks but we are praying into that.

I believe one day she will be able to speak as well as you and I.

My feeling is this child will have lots to say when she grows up.

Angelina weighs a whopping 14lbs now and as you can see by her smile she is truly being taken care of by our Father.

What a little doll.

Our God is an awsome God

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