Monday, March 3, 2008

Introducing My Family

I would like to introduce you to
my Family. These are the people
Whom God has blessed me with.
I am grateful for such a wonderful family.

My Parents Eilleen and Tony. They gave me laughter and courage.I miss them terribly.

My Big sister and brother,Pat and Jeremy. I gave them a hard time growing up. Still Do :-)

This is me and my best friend and Hubbie Steve
This is my Beautiful daughter Liane and my Grandaughter Mackenzie
This is my middle son Mike with his daddy

This is my baby boy Dave

My beautiful Grandaughter Mackenzie 10yrs old

My handsome grandson Myer 4yrs oldMy youngest grandson and cutie pie Owen with his dog Capone. Yes they are in his crib 16months old
This is Luke, Chef Extrordinaire and my son-inlaw
This is Rachel my daughter-inlaw with Owen and their other dog Abby-Jean

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