Sunday, October 19, 2008


A little girl was running late for Sunday school
She was praying as she ran
"Jesus please help me not to be late"
As she ran she kept repeating this
"Jesus pleeeeeze don't let me be late for Sunday school"
Suddenly she fell and tore her sunday dress and ripped her leotards,her knees were skinned and bleeding.
She got up and brushed herself off and began to run again
She arrived right on time and looked up and said

"Thankyou Jesus but next time please don't push me so hard"
Sometimes Jesus can push us hard to become closer to him.
This morning when I awoke,after a long night spent in the past, I asked the Lord if he could kick my ass in church today. Yep I did!
Ask and you shall receive.
Today I skinned my knees.
and boy did it hurt but He kissed my wounds and is healing them.
His healing came through truth spoken through our passionate Pastor Kevin and Pastor Shari.
A wounded heart can become infected with chains of bondage. With OUR own process of healing we can imbed the chains and create more infection.
Have you ever been running to God but don't seem to be getting any closer?
Have you ever wanted your wound of bondage healed but were afraid of the pain of healing,because the 1st pain you have learned to endure?
Knowing that, to open an old wound for cleansing may just be extremely painful,more painful then the original wound.
The Lords medicine, Truth hurts but is well worth it.
You just have to be willing
I think I have just matured if only to a teen.
Looking forward to growing from childhood in Christ to full maturity.
Notice the little girl didn't like the severity of the push but thanked Him anyway.
Thanks for the Boot Lord and the great catch after the fall.

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