Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our 26th Anniversary

Remember your wedding day and how special it was.
You wished the day would never end
The first year went by fast and you could hardly believe you were starting on your second year.
Oh so in love the honeymoon would never end.
Then you were blessed with children and things did change.
Sleepless nights,smelling like baby spit-up was the only fragrance of choice
and he didn't mind
And just when the baby weight came off and sleep was your friend again you find yourself tired and mornings become nauseated.
#2 is on it's way
Repeat above cause here comes #3
Time alone was far and few between
I remember my 7Th anniversary. My mother watched the kids and I said I am kind of nervous going out.It's been a long time.
"Because I don't know what we will talk about mom"
her reply
"What all married couples talk about..... The kids"
That we did, and as much as the anticipation of getting away from them for a few hours was strong, the anticipation to get back to them was even stronger.
My mom laughed at me when we arrived home after about 2 hours.

10 years came and a night away was planned.Funny how we think differently.I was uncomfortable leaving the kids Steve wasn't.Come morning I was relaxed and comfortable but Steve wasn't and so up we got and were home before lunch.
Well Tomorrow May 20Th is our 26Th anniversary.
Since the 10Th we have gone through the teenage stage, we became in laws and grandparents. We have had financial difficulties and admittedly at times lost that lovin feeling and just co-existed.We no longer felt we had many things in common.
The "Honeymoon" stage we thought was over has actually just begun.
Even though the lingerie has changed :-)
Oh come on ladies we all have our favourite flannel
In the past 26 years we have
laughed and we've cried.
fought and made up
respected and disrespected
We have beat the odds of a teenage pregnancy turning it into a life long commitment
all because of
The Grace of God,The unconditional Love of God be it seen or unseen,felt or not.
After all He loved us before we loved each other.
He hand picked Steve just for me.
Thank you Lord. Good Choice! now for the next half of our lives could you please stop his snoring?
By the way ladies I've never snored Hahahaha
The second half of my life with my husband has just begun.
Now That's the honeymoon stage!
Why because I am not just "in love" with my husband I LOVE MY HUSBAND
Now and forever.
In Sickness in Health
For Richer or Poorer
with snoring nights or not
Till Death DO US Part
Happy Anniversary
PS. I have Junior High tomorrow night and you have your ball game to finally watch in silence see you when I get home.
Now that's Love

Below are pictures of my Grandparents wedding day
Followed by my Mother and Father's wedding day
and finally how Steve and I look today after 26 years of marriage 3 kids and 3 Grandchildren.

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