Wednesday, October 28, 2009

True Colours

I love it when incidents of the day become a blessing.
Leaving work I ran into an employee of the mall and we had a typical end of the day chit chat
(mall talk)
"Must be nice to go home and relax I have to work till close"
It was then I told her I wasn't done my day but was heading to Junior High
"You Go to church? You teach the kids?
What do you teach them?
They let you?
Wow I am seeing a different side to you
Your true colours who knew?"
Now you know! I replied
Kinda bothered me a bit
but then
Tonight at JH and Youth we were together we watched a video called Pure
about Jesus and the Samaritan Woman
Well I have never been married 5 times and then lived with #6
but I was far from being pure as well.
Be it of the heart or physically or emotionally
but that was my past and Jesus knew my heart as He knows yours.
Yes we have free will but He is a patient God and His timing is always impeccable.
So even when we don't see our potential in life
others don't see it
God sees it
just as Jesus saw the Samaritans woman's need for self worth and acceptance.
He took the time to go to her and let her know that there is a much greater love in this world than relying on mans
He did this because.......

As I was thinking about this day and the events that happened on my way home
once again
God showed me through music
Isn't He the Best!

Friday, October 23, 2009

A Morning with God

It was a little brisk walking the dog this morning
It wasn't the crispness of the morning air that took my breath away
it was
Being still and seeing
the beauty
Gods eyes

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

THEY walk among us

Are you one of


Main Entry: 1them
Pronunciation: \(th)əm, ˈthem, after p, b, v, f, also əm\
Function: pronoun
Date: bef 12th century objective case of they
1 : they 1 —used as object of a verb or preposition 2 : those —used especially as antecedent to a relative pronoun —used as the subject of a verb chiefly in nonstandard speech and for humorous effect (them is fighting words)

Well Ladies It 's a fact I think very strange things and this is one of them there times.

A Lady is walking through cosmetics and says to me

"I just posted a letter to England and it cost me $1.69. In 1969 when I moved here it didn't cost that much. Can you believe that? What is this world coming to?

To which I replied I think it's kind of amazing that you can communicate with another person half way across the world for only $1.69

Wrong answer Maureen

with a disgusted look on her face she said this

"Oh you are one of THEM"
which got me thinking
What Does That Mean?

Is there a group somewhere I haven't heard of?

How many thems make up a They?

eg: You know what "they" say?

No! No I don't. Who are they? better yet who decided that "They" were right?

Where are these people?

What do "They" look like?

Do "they" lurk among us disguised as regular folk?

All I know is I am now apparently one of "Them"
And initiation consisted of an observation
I am now a part of a secret society!

Do "they" have meetings?

Will I ever be privy to the secret handshake?

This is different from the other thems
because we all know the
The Group thems
As they are recognizable by their cause
and you know this because people call them "Those"
Oh you're one of those
Tree Huggers
those Jesus freaks (heard that more than once)
those Right for Lifers
It's the other thems that have me baffled
so to be safe
I best not think about this anymore
because you know what "THEY" say
"If you think to much your head will explode"

Monday, October 12, 2009

Oh How He Delights In Giving Us Gifts

Well I have been having some struggles of late but this weekend the Lord with all His glory has really shown me grace and through His grace He has given me wisdom that will be cherished always.

The wisdom was

Hey Mo if you are going to talk the talk you best learn to walk the walk.

I have walked in many shoes,some too big and others way too small.

The one thing that was the same is that blisters were always a given.
Time for me to walk comfortably in the shoes that are meant for me and only me.

Well I have had some issues at work. Management on days can be less than desireable.
The tension is incredible and to have to listen to some real cruels words can be unbearable.
Lord get me through them.
It has been so bad that I wear a security device (which we all wear) ,however I chose pager 91 and the girls know this is mine to wear and they give it to me when I come in.
Why 91?
Psalm 91: The Protection of the Most High
It was spoken over me just over a year now.
The past few weeks I decided to take a situation into my own hands,feeling that I was right in every sense of the way.
Humanly I believed I was
Spiritually Ya not so much.
Went to the wrong authority first The owner.
Then to other management but not to my direct manager after all she was part of the issue.
Well guess what 12 days ago I was called into the office and reprimanded by my manager.
While being spoken to I was praying not to try and justify my actions and definitely not to open my big mouth unless there was kind words waiting to escape.
"Lord blunt my tongue now more than ever"
He Did
I learned responsibility the hard way about the chain of command.
What was really interesting the week prior we learned about this in ISOM.
I decided to pray for my boss to not be afraid to show the inner beauty of her heart instead of
Lord get me out of this place.

Last week we learned about patience in ISOM
I am not always patient with the desires of my heart.
With that being said, now that my kitchen is done I now have the desire
(ladies this is a first for me) to have cute little nicknack's in the kitchen. Just something to make it perfect.
Well I saw it and stared at it for a week.
This perfect decoration had one motive for me and one only.
An in your face daily reminder for my family as my main desire is to have my husband and children come to know the Lord.
Kevin advised me not to preach but to walk in the word and they will notice a change.
I called Steve and he said no it's $32.00 and we don't have the money this week maybe next week.
I wanted it now and was very disappointed cause Mo just couldn't wait,which lead to some anger within I prayed Saturday night as I felt guilty for wanting such a monetary thing when bills needed to be paid.
I told the Lord I didn't need this little thing as my true desire was my family believing in Him.
Sunday I went to work the mood was awesome and it has been since the chat in the office.
My boss and I worked together side by side and everything was calm serene and enjoyable.
As the day ended for her she picked up a few things and was headed out for her Thanksgiving dinner but she had one last stop.

A Stop to my counter to give me the desire of my heart.

The tears flowed and the Praise and thankfulness began

He gave me the desire of my heart through the most unlikely person.

My Manager

He showed me the goodness in her heart and he taught me that I need to go to Him first

for answeres.

He showed me the Chain of Command

He showed me Praying for others in authority, for their job isn't as easy as we think it should be.

First of all,I urge that petitions,prayers,intercessions,and thanksgivings be made for everyone,for kings and all those who are in authority,so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity.

1Tim 2:1-2

but most of all

He showed me the shoes that I need to be walking in, are the shoes He purposely and with love picked out for me.

The shoes of Faith and Trust.

When in those shoes no matter how wobbly I am He will never let me fall

3 Trust in the LORD and do what is good;dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.4 Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.5 Commit your way to the LORD;trust in Him and He will do this:6 He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn,the justice of your cause like the noonday sun.Psalm 37: 3-6

Red High Heels

Is The Way I feel

Got The Sways and Reels

But I know I am Going Home

Friday, October 9, 2009

What Are You Thankful For?

Well it's Thanksgiving weekend
and I have to work
Needless to say this morning I woke up very irritable
My poor Husband
My poor dog he didn't get to share mommies breakfast with her like he does every morning
That was from me not the dog.
As I got into the shower I was thinking about why I was so miserable.
It hit me hard
Today is the 4th anniversary of my mothers passing.
I knew this because I spoke about it all week as I couldn't believe it has been that long
it hit me hard
a wake up call of sorts.
I cried like I had Thanksgiving Day 2005 the day she passed.
Needless to say my irritability was carried to my work place.
I felt angry and jealous listening to customers well wishes for the weekend and their family plans.
Long story short
God is sooo great!
He gently reminded me that
many children grow up without mothers or fathers
I was blessed.
So I am thankful to God for
choosing my mother for me
for giving her patience through the teen years
for speaking to my heart
for loving me when I am miserable
for gently correcting my attitude
for forgiving me of my selfishness
for giving me courage to share my heart with you
for my beautiful family
for placing people in my path to lead me back to Him
for all my new found friends
for forgiving me of my past
for teaching me there is a better life
for allowing me to speak into the lives of others
for allowing me to be a mother or grandmother to the children of our church
for the Pastors of Desert Stream
and their wives
for their love grace and patience with me during my walk
and boy have they been patient!
for loving me for who I am in Him
but most of all for giving His only Son
so that I may live
There is so much to be thankful for

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Almost Finished

Well we are almost done.

The flooring came today

The hallway, staircase and door was finished last night.

Now it's just the little things

trim on the walls

new light fixtures

some 1/4 round along the floor

and of course

a new coffee maker and toaster and tea towels and cannisters and perhaps a special kitchen decoration

to match of course.

I know you ladies understand that.

So how many years do you think I'll have to wait to do my back-livingroom?

I know I know One Blessing at a time.

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