Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Christianity in Thailand

Hello fellow bloggers.
I am having an issue tonight with what I saw on the National news.
It was a story about Christianity coming to Thailand.
Did anyone see it?

The story was about the flock of churches and missions that came to help after the Tsunami.
Praise God for them.
Some communities have changed to Christianity but what disturbed me was the news really seemed to play up the fact that a Christian Organization came into a small villiage and offered to re-build their community only if they switched to Christianity.
The leader of their villiage brought this to the community and they were pleased until they heard they had to give up Budhism.
Their answere was NO
This group just pulled out.
They walked away.
I found myself praising God for the villiagers decision to remain Budhists.
The good news is a catholic group came in a built them their needs without question of conforming. Thank God and Bless those wonderful people.

I found myself asking these questions.
Could you please shed light on this for me.
I am really feeling a torment right now in my heart.

Should I have been praising God for the villiagers decision?
Were these false prophets?
Was God blessing these villiagers with the courage to say no as it was brought to them as a bribe?
Why does the news always focus mainly on the negative as there was a wonderful man there who has done amazing things? They tried to bait him.

Bust most importantly why, when we spread the goodness does society make us look bad?

I try to witness to my family as they are not Christians but when stories like this with positive and negative in them,the family seems to dwell on the negative and I find myself defending my position with the lack of grace.

I guess when you have felt the presence of the Lord in your life and try to explain the beauty of it people either listen or think your nuts, and yet when they go on about their psychic or alien or science filled thoughts and we make express our opinions or better yet the Truth we are then pursecuted for not being Christian like.

Wow I can't believe how angry I feel at this moment.I don't like it at all.
Some advice and wisdom would be cherished right now.
and God Bless

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