Sunday, June 15, 2008

Three Two For

Was just sitting here checking my messages and having a quick chit chat with Roxanne before bed and suddenly felt overwhelmed with numbers in my head.
324 to be exact.
In fact I feel rather overwhelmed and tearful (but in a good way)
I feel the need to share with what hit me so plain and clear.

The number 3:

Three Wise men
Three Years of Preaching the Gospel
Three Crosses
Three days before Jesus rose
Father Son Holy Spirit the trinity.

Then came two which has "3" ways of spelling Two To Too
but it was the number Two that was in my mind.
Two eyes to see Him
Two ears to hear Him
Two hands to serve Him
Two feet to walk righteously

These two numbers are truly important numbers in this world, However the next number Four looked different and seemed to be the most important.
I couldn't figure it out and then He showed me.
Not Four but For

For You

I thought I would share this moment with all of you.
May these numbers Bless you

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