Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Very Proud Family Moment

to the
Permanent Diaconate
Today my big brother Jeremy and 9 others were ordained as Catholic Deacons
Jeremy has been dedicated to his studies for 5 years
and today was a day of pride for our family.
We wished our parents could have been there to see this day
as Jeremy so eloquently put as he delivered the graduation speech
"For those who could not be here with us today
they have the best seat in the house."
Preach it brother
Praise God
So here are some pictures of our God filled family day.

Jeremy and his family
His sons
Andrew and Graeme
His wife Claire
and his daughter Emily

Me and my Big Brother

My brother and sister Pat
The 3 of us
Last but not least
My Big husband Steve and my Big brother Jeremy

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