Monday, March 2, 2009


They say at one point we begin to look like our pets.
First off who exactly are "they"?
and secondly who are "they" to be right?
I am home and very sore. And yes I sit like this.
It is 2:02am the wee early hours of March 2nd and I cannot seem to sleep as I can't get comfortable.
Surgery went well. I was in the operating room for almost 5 hours as apparently my body had gone farther south than Portabackyarda, which is where Steve and I vacation every summer.
Steve has been amazing this past few days but that is another post I am working on called.
In Sickness and In Health.
I just wanted to thank you all for your prayers,calls emails flowers and visits to the hospital.
I am blessed with such good friends and family.
Well the pain killers are starting to kick in and I am going to head back to the trusty couch and attempt to seek comfort while the sweet sweet sound of Anderson Cooper from CNN sings me to sleep with another foreclosure lullaby.

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