Monday, August 24, 2009

God's Tapestry

The Finest Tapestry takes paitence
and the ability to wait for each thread to support the bigger picture and the larger purpose
And in the fearless reckless pursuit of intimate love
It is not the destination
It's the journey

Once again through music I ponder.
Concentrating on the lyrics above.
I imagine the tapestry of my life.

I imagine God sewing into me day by day His Glory and unconditional Love

Making me into His perfect Tapestry
(The first two lines)

His Love and patience unimaginable

Then I picture the next two lines and how we as humans have searched for the perfect intimate Love.

Fearlessly and recklessly

This is when we focussed strictly on the "destination" in our lives getting lost along the way and never knowing the greater purpose for our lives.

Imagine not having God in your life to mend the hurts the pain the love or the lack there of. What would our tapestries would look like?

I couldn't sew a stitch or mend a rip on my own,but with guidance and patience from The Great Teacher I imagine all the possibilies

Now Imagine those who deny or who need physical proof there is a God.
We try to sew into their lives and sometimes we manage a stitch or two,other times we drop a stitch or two and it can be so frustrating.

Have you given up sewing because of this?

Perhaps sometimes
What does God see when we do that?

What happens to their tapestry?

Better yet what happens to our tapestry?

I take comfort in knowing that God will mend the dropped stitch with His Grace and teach us once again how to sew with patience but we must try to focus solely on our teacher.

For we are His threads that support the bigger picture.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two Things That Never Change

I have noticed things have changed of late.

Some for the good

others not so good

I have changed

for the better

and sometimes not (eyes weren't focussed this past 2 weeks)

I knew this and fought to re-direct my eyes

but then

my mouth got the better of me

What I noticed was 2 ways people responded

Non Christians at work said Woohoo the old Mona is finally back

The one Christian I work with made the comment of

What can I pray for you?

She noticed without me saying a word to her


Talk about thinking if you noticed then Father has really noticed


However regardless of my mouth and thoughts coming to light the two things I felt deep within was

How Much God Loves me


How Much I Love God

I know this to be true because He always seems to show me things through music.

I was given a simple yet powerful word


as usual I tried to make that word more complicated than what it really was,

getting frustrated instead of sitting back and actually listening for five minutes

I decided heck with it put on some music

and not worship music either

I needed some fun stuff

(I associated secular music with fun)

Fun: contemplating on anything but God

Definition found in Mo's mind

He on the other hand had a different agenda

CD goes in the computer

CD jumps from 1st song to 8th

and well here are the lyrics

Oh and I have listened to this for days contemplating

the two things that never change

His Love for Us/Me


Our/My Love for Him

Despite the setbacks in our walk

Love Is My Witnes

Amanda Marshall

I've been thinkin about us

I've been turning it round and round

Even buried my head in the sand of the Holy Land

That claims my name

And I am not a liar

when I say that I LOVE YOU

I just take one look in those ruby eyes

And I see the light

So I raise my hand

Love Is My Witness

And I am guilty for alot of things I've done

But if I'm the holy daughter, you're the Holy Son

And my heart says

Love Is My Witness

Don't run away

Don't let'em plant that seed in ya

Emotions are deeper than the empty stares that Dissaprove

Life is a diamond

At first surrounded by the coal

It takes more than words

More than words to make us whole

So I raise my hand

Love Is My Witness

And I am guilty for alot of things I've done

But if I'm the holy daughter,you're the Holy Son

And my heart says

Love Is My Witness

And If you want to make God laugh,tell Him your plans

Cause that won't take you to the Promise Land

So I raise my hand

Love Is My Witness

And I am guilty for the things I've done

But if I'm the holy daughter,you're the Holy Son

And my heart says
My Heart Says

Love Is My Witness

Sunday, August 16, 2009

30 Years Ago Today

August 16 1979
at 6:55am
My Beautiful baby girl was born.
Weighing 8pound 4 ounces
and only 19 inches long.
She was my little butterball.
How quickly 30 years have past
and during these years we have watched her
become the beautiful woman she is today.
Her tenacity is incredible
Her compassion is a delite
Her love for her family Amazing
Her Strength Unbelievable
This is my Baby Girl
Always will be
Happy Birthday
We Love you So Much
Mom and Dad

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Newest Blessing to the Family

At 7:28am August 9 2009 Mickara Paula Marlene Cochran came into the world weighing
9lbs 15oz 23 and 1/4 inch long.
This is Steves cousins third grandchild and she is a beauty.
Her big sisters Addison (holding the baby) and Rowen were telling me aka Maursey all about her on the phone.
Boy things have changed Mom and Dad and babe were home Sunday morning before Grandma and Grandpa and the girls got back from church (early service) at 10:30am.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Don't Give Up Because

This past couple of weeks I have been bombarded with many a phone calls from desperate friends and my son's friends searching for advice.
Subjects from affairs,miscarriages,divorces and parental depression.
I am grateful that I turned to the Lord for not only wisdom but the healing of my past so I could testify that He is
The Way
The Truth
The Life
The one common belief all have in common is that their worth is only dictated by the worlds standards.
If you are depressed You are Crazy
If you committ adultry you are A Whore
If you lose a baby you are less than a woman
And if you divorce you are a failure.
These lies lead to behavioural changes to suit the words of man.
The lies that Satan places in them is a battle for us that know Gods truth.
They are Loved
We are Loved
He has been my Strength through this and I pray that the world will soon know He is theirs as well.
Unti Then......
Don't Give Up

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Saturday Flashback 2

Oh the music of the 70's
These were the days musicians actually played instruments.
Big difference from todays artists or should I say vocalists.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Flashbacks The 70's

Oh how things have changed over the years.
Saturday morning television just isn't the same.
American bandstand was a given every Saturday as was Soul Train.
I was 11 years old and remember watching this.1974
Oh the memories of dancing around the house with my brother and this Album was a must have in our household.
So my first Saturday Flashback post is a must,for this was when all was not tainted by the world.
Be Cool as there will be more to come
Far Out!

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