Monday, September 7, 2009

Out Of Our Heads

It may just be me but I have noticed of late alot of
and just plain cruelty of words not only in the enviroment I work in but I hear how parents speak to their children,children to their parents and how strangers react to each other.
The news is full of horrific doings and death
I see more shows on television about the occult and ghosts and "The Unexplained"

I am not sure if I have just started to notice as my heart gets closer to God and to what is right or if I have ignored the world and have finally just had enough.
I am not sure why I really felt the need to share this with you either but the one thing I know of late is that my heart aches for this world.
My eyes have been opened and there are days I just want to scream.
I cannot and will not allow the world to dictate who I am or what I am supposed to be.
I allow Christ to dictate and show me who I am in Him and Him alone.
He has shown me and I pray that He will show others wether through the the body of Christ or directly by His hand that it's time we all got Out of our Heads and into our Hearts
for that is where He lives.
My prayers are not only for this city but to be shouted out to every corner of the world.

My appologies if the first part of this video offends anyone but it's the world we live in.

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