Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Singing the Praises

Have you ever noticed sometimes spreading the word of God isn't as simple as it seems?
Sometimes as Christians when we speak of His Glory we can face critisism or negativity or are told to keep it to ourselves,and yet these same people want to know why we are so happy or upbeat all the time.You tell them why and some scoff or roll their eyes and on occasion you get an inquiry perhaps privately when nobody can see them.

Have you ever noticed when you get a song stuck in your head you just can't get it out no matter what?
But when you share it with others they get it stuck in their heads.
Perhaps it's time to Sing The Praises of God instead of preach it.
( I say preach as I don't always hear how I sound )
Do you know how you sound?

I write this, as I came into work and everyone seemed to be grumbling as usual in the staff room and me,well,I had this song stuck in my head. I love this song and I like to listen to it every day and sing it with everything that I am to my Lord.
Anyway I started to sing it and the next thing I know someone else joined in with the next line,followed by another and then another and the atmosphere in the room changed.
By days end I had almost everyone singing it throughout the store.
The mood went from cranky to giddy with a simple little song.
It was so great to see the negativity disappear.

What if we sang His praises with a song or a smile even when there is not one to be found within ourselves? There may be no actual scripture within these simple things but our actions of the Love we have for God may just touch another.
And someone just may ask
How can I be that Happy?
Time to Let God out of the Box

Here is the song I was singing.
I dare you not to smile and tap your feet.

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