Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Real I

i am: worthy
i think: I've got the hang of this
i know: I have only begun my journey.
i want: to die laughing.(agreeing with Amy)
i have:His Blessings
i wish: I had more patience.
i hate: the lack of common sense
i miss: my parents
i fear: no evil for thou art with me
i feel: I am on the right path
i hear: you
i smell: Steves good cooking
i crave: a Timmies
i search: for the good in all things.
i wonder: if I'll be remembered
i regret: Nothing because I've learned from my mistakes
i love: The Lord
i ache: for todays world
i care: about my friends and family
i always: think too much.
i am not: who I used to be.
i believe: in Fairies
i dance: all the time
i sing: all the time
i don’t always: take the time to listen to His words
i fight: like a girl
i write: because I like to.
i win: when I do take the time to listen His words
i lose: when I think I have control
i never: well rarely ever dump a timmies
i confuse: lots of people
i listen: with my heart and hear with my ears
i can usually be found: at work or at home
i am scared: of spiders.
i need: to save for Uganda
i am happy about: being saved

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