Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pay it Forward in Faith Regardless of Fear

Some things I have been pondering
Stepping out completely in faith.
and the dreaded fear that sometimes seems more powerful than faith.
I haven't written in a while
sometimes it's a fear of not being elloquent enough
but today I am moved and it really doesn't matter if this post is elloquent enough for the reader.
It is out of obedience with no fear and it's covered with many blessings to you the reader.
So for some of us the fear of praying over someone outloud because of the lack of experience or the lack of really good Godly words to impress can be worrisome.
It doesn't matter what it sounds like as long as it's from the heart.
A prayer or a simple Blessing to someone can change ones life attitude or be an answere to their prayers.

On our anniversary I went to pick up chinese food downtown and passed a woman sitting begging on the street.
We have all seen her many times and she can be rather scary
Her face scratched and cut from her obsessive behaviour,the knowledge that she has Hep C and the fact she never seems to make an effort to clean up.
Regardless she is a child of God.
As I passed I cringed and a moment of fear condemnation and judgement came into my heart.
when returning to my car I was overcome with guilt that I was eating and she wasn't but kept walking anyway.
As I opened the car door I was consumed with the Lord saying this is my child your sister and I began to tear up and ask for forgiveness.
I was fearful but for a moment and then stepped boldly out and went back to her.
She sheepishly looked up at me and low growl came from deep within and I bent down and prayed over her.
It was the look in her eyes distant but there
It was Hope
She smiled slightly and said these words.
"God Bless you too and Thank you for being kind and generous to me not very many people are"
This has been going over and over in my head and yet I move on in my selfish ways of fear.
I have been struggling alot lately thanking God for this trial and telling Him I am looking forward to all that He is teaching me although not sure what it is.
Today it was confirmed
The simple act of Blessing someone just because you can and because He wants you to.
I received a phone call but a moment ago from a man in our church.
We know each other enough to say hello
I hear him many times during the service
praising God outloud
He called because I must have been on his heart for some reason and to tell me that I am a blessing and that I am loved.
He stepped out fearless and faithful
to bless me
I am truly Blessed with my brothers obedience but also from our Fathers Patience Grace Mercy and most of all
 His Love while teaching me with His gentle hand.

Be Fearless and Faithful in God
Bless someone today
this simple act can truly change ones life
I am living proof of that.

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