Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tis the Season

Reading through the blogs today and seeing posts of Jenna's Little Drummer Boy and Shari's Christmas lights and Roxannes beautiful backyard,I thought I would post a must gift for all this season.
Rick Warren touches the heart with the true meaning of Christmas.
Working retail and seeing the irritability of the shoppers, Yes in retail it is called Tis the season to be Cranky and we actually dread this time. It's physically and mentally exhausting.
I found this book a beautiful reminder what Christmas is truly about.
Not that I didn't already know,but now after reading it I find I am not so edgy with the attitudes given.
I was asked what I wanted for Christmas by a customer and I came right out and said I already have my gift.
Salvation and I need nothing more.
To which she replied Does it come in Blue?
"Nope only in Red"
and then I went and grabbed the book and handed it to her.
I didn't say I wasn't feisty and bold just not edgy this year.
and no she didn't buy the book she just walked away.
If all people would only remember or know the True meaning of Christmas perhaps celebrating the season would be a joy rather than a task.

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