Friday, May 15, 2009

May 15 2009 To Be Blessed or not to be Blessed

21 years ago today I was blessed with my third child David.
David is my Bob Newhart of the family. Very dry sense of humour.
This pic was 2 years ago
This is David this morning with his best friend Chantelle since Grade 7
Chantelle is a blessing in Daves life and ours.She turned 21 on the 13th of this month.
She keeps him in line and we joke about her being the bossy wife.
"Hurry up Dave if you want me to take you for lunch"
This pic was taken in the bathroom as Dave was trying to get ready.
Fortunately for Dave he was dressed when she barged in.

This is not a blessing that God has bestowed upon me.The art of Baking.Getting the lumps out of the cake by hand because your hand mixer is gone awol.

When life hands you lemons you make lemonade.

When hand mixers go awol you use.......

However God has a sense of humour 2 blenders wrong top. By the way the ShamWow doesn't clean up cake mix.

With all this being said this is my favourite day as Dave only likes home made cakes and every year I mess it up.

Last year I ripped the top off the cake trying to ice it. I cried because I really wanted to make it perfect. I told my son that I really tried hard and that to remember when he saw it that I made it out of love for him.

and when he saw it his response was.

"LOVE! Oh that's just great mom now it's too sweet"

Oh I can't wait for his one liner this year and No I am not showing you the outcome,but I am looking forward to another moment with him laughing as we always do.

By the way, while writing this I realized failing home-ec is a blessing.

It's just in disguise.

Happy Birthday Dave

I love you.

Hope that's not too sweet for your liking and you like the way I wrote Happy Birthday with my fingers in the icing. Not beneath me ladies.

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