Friday, September 11, 2009

The Kitchen Timer

Have you ever prayed for something and gave up after what you would consider too long of a wait?

On May 19th 2005

my husband tore apart our kitchen, then decided fixing the outside of the house to be more important.

He didn't do that either.

I prayed for patience with his skills

for his stubborn pride

and for

Strength not to hurt him.

I am sure he prayed for me to stop whining

May 19th 2008

the phone rings a message left

"Hi Steve it's me the kitchen just wanted to wish you a Happy 3rd Anniversary"

(My daughter has the best humour)

Steve did not agree

June 2008

It Hit me

and hit me hard

I have


cupboard doors


I have food

My impatience and whining for 3 years completely


I started to Praise God for what I did have

a well intentioned man

who does all the grocery shopping


fills my doorless cupboards

with food

Yes my kitchen is ugly


torn apart

but I am content

and now am blessed



September 12 2009

My husband is taking me kitchen renovation shopping


Out with the old and in with the new

Praise God, for His timing is always perfect

I know what I have learned during this past 4 years

and that is much more valuable than

any old kitchen or new for that matter

Looking forward to sharing the finished product with you

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