Monday, August 24, 2009

God's Tapestry

The Finest Tapestry takes paitence
and the ability to wait for each thread to support the bigger picture and the larger purpose
And in the fearless reckless pursuit of intimate love
It is not the destination
It's the journey

Once again through music I ponder.
Concentrating on the lyrics above.
I imagine the tapestry of my life.

I imagine God sewing into me day by day His Glory and unconditional Love

Making me into His perfect Tapestry
(The first two lines)

His Love and patience unimaginable

Then I picture the next two lines and how we as humans have searched for the perfect intimate Love.

Fearlessly and recklessly

This is when we focussed strictly on the "destination" in our lives getting lost along the way and never knowing the greater purpose for our lives.

Imagine not having God in your life to mend the hurts the pain the love or the lack there of. What would our tapestries would look like?

I couldn't sew a stitch or mend a rip on my own,but with guidance and patience from The Great Teacher I imagine all the possibilies

Now Imagine those who deny or who need physical proof there is a God.
We try to sew into their lives and sometimes we manage a stitch or two,other times we drop a stitch or two and it can be so frustrating.

Have you given up sewing because of this?

Perhaps sometimes
What does God see when we do that?

What happens to their tapestry?

Better yet what happens to our tapestry?

I take comfort in knowing that God will mend the dropped stitch with His Grace and teach us once again how to sew with patience but we must try to focus solely on our teacher.

For we are His threads that support the bigger picture.

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