Saturday, April 4, 2009

Angelina Update

Praise God in the Highest!

I just received an email on my 2nd cousin Angelina. My last post in February stated that her little vocal cords had been damaged and she was only making little squeaks. Angelina will be 1year old this month.
Well she went for a visit to Grandma and Grandpa (My Aunt and Uncles home)
This was their first visit as it is a distance away.
Well the family was so excited they were coming 14 of them gathered to see her.
With 14 people in the house you know there is going to be lots of noise.
In Angelinas home it is quiet very rarely is the televison or radio on.
As the noise around her was going on she took in a breath and a noise came out of her mouth. All were amazed and then Praise God she started jibbering away like crazy. The stimulation of her surroundings enabled her to gab away.
She wanted to join in the family conversation How Obvious :-) Nobody likes to be left out of good family fun.
After the weekend my Aunt Daphne called later in the week and she could hear Angelina cooing up a storm in the background.
It struck me as I was reading her email that Gods timing is always perfect. It is we that are in such a hurry for an answere a miracle or to hear a word from Him.
We are His children and part of the best family ever why wouldn't He want this miracle to happen in the midst of the most precious place ever.
A loving home surrounded by family.
What a great Father we have giving gifts to His children.
Thank you Lord for your perfect timing.
And thank you all for keeping my little cousin in your prayers.

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