Thursday, December 31, 2009

AVATAR Last Movie Review for 2009

Last night my son and I went to see Avatar
This morning we are still talking about it.
This movie is the most visually stunning movie I have ever seen.
The colours are so vibrant, at one point I actually thought
God if the colours are like this in Heaven take me now.
As for the 3D effect I was actually tempted to reach out and touch the little white fluffies that were landing on my nose and arms. You will see them in the video clip.
James Cameron out did himself and I predict he will clean up at the Oscars.
The story line was predictable but did not dissapoint.
What I did find interesting though was,the subliminal message of the white man ousting the native man from his home for his own self righteousness and greed.
With that being said,perhaps this was my own thought corelation between the two and yet I some how doubt deep down that I am wrong. I believe there was a message Cameron chose to subliminally remind our hearts of.
We all agreed upon leaving that the self  righteousness of man is the self destruction of what could be a peaceful harmony between cultures.
The spirituality of the blue people is truly reflective in and of itself.
The main theme is indicative to what we should all aspire to completely understand in our hearts and minds.
The unity of man despite the differences through   "ONE"   beating   HEART
Watch the video and then play it again and close your eyes.
Some very powerful words.
I've posted the lyrics below

Walking through a dream
I see you
My light in darkness breathing hope of new life
Now I live through you and you through me
I pray in my heart that this dream never ends
I see me through your eyes
Living through life flying high
Your life shines the way into paradise
So I offer my life as a sacrifice
I live through your love
You teach me how to see
All that’s beautiful
My senses touch your word I never pictured
Now I give my hope to you
I surrender
I pray in my heart that this world never ends
I see me through your eyes
Living through life flying high
Your love shines the way into paradise
So I offer my life
I offer my love, for you
When my heart was never open
(and my spirit never free)
To the world that you have shown me
But my eyes could not division
All the colors of love and of life ever more
(I see me through your eyes)
I see me through your eyes
(Living through life flying high)
Flying high
Your love shines the way into paradise
So I offer my life as a sacrifice
And live through your love
And live through your life

I see you
I see you

Friday, December 25, 2009

Twas The Night of Christmas

Twas The night of Christmas and all through my house
not a creature was stirring

Not even my spouse

Football was on TV I can not relate
so off to the kitchen to wash my new plates

A quiet evening I look to enjoy
Then who should appear but my youngest of boys

A Friend by his side a beer in their hands
upstairs they did go clanking their cans

The quiet resumes
then suddenly a clatter
I roll my eyes and go see what's the matter

The gift bags are ripped by are silly old cat
who decided to lie down for her long winter nap

I  in my jammies
been in them all day

I'm ready for bed
but first I must pray
Thank you Father
and Happy Birthday

I am thankful for today it brings such delight
Merry Christmas to all
and to all a Good Night

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Dinner..... Yummy
Daughters Baking.........Divine
Watching your Grandchildren's faces as they open Presents...........Exciting
Getting them wound up......Our Job
Gathered around listening to your grandaughter read The Night before Christmas...Tearful
Watching my Daughter and Husband Trying to get them to bed.......Funny
The Families gift to us......Priceless

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas

Saturday, December 19, 2009

For My Blogging Buddies

Merry Christmas Ladies
Abundant Blessings for 2010
Love you all very much

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bitter Sweet Moment

Tis the season we think of family.
This morning I was thinking about my mom and  dad and how much I miss them.
I miss mom constantly singing  the Hallelujah Chorus
with my father following her lead and in a low deep voice
singing King of Kings and Lord of Lords
This is my favourite piece of music as I have heard it since I was just a little one.
My heart began to sink knowing mom never knew here on earth that she had a 3rd great grandchild and  my father knowing but never being able to meet him
knowing I won't be tasting moms mince meat pies this Christmas
laughing over Christmas dinner as we wore the silly paper crowns and over tea afterwards, putting together the little toys from the Christmas crackers.
but as always
God prevails when a heart is in pain.
and he does it (with me) with Great Humour
after a good cry and talk with God I went to the computer intending to write
such lovely thankful heart wrenching words about my parents
a tribute of sorts
and an email popped up
 My mother was an absolutely witty funny creative woman and my father, well his humour very dry.
He was her wingman.
God really knows how to turn my Sorrow into Joy
yes I am doing the actions  :-)
What an amazing King of Kings and Lord of Lords

Monday, December 14, 2009

I Had A Charlie Brown Moment Today

I had a Charlie Brown moment today
and my inner voice came out
not loudly but enough for someone to hear
The hustle and the bustle can create impatience and the occasional angry outburst.
eg. "What do you mean you don't have anymore of this or that it's Christmas"
Humph stomp out of the store
I was thinking Hello Christmas is less than 2 weeks away and it's not like you didn't know it was coming for the past year
but what came out
Isn't there anyone who knows what Chrsitmas is about.
Now the person that heard came over and said
"And Lo an Angel of the Lord came upon them"
I immediately knew the line and where it came from
we giggled
and all was well with the world once again

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Now Those Are Christmas Lights

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tis The Season

Monday, December 7, 2009

Macro Moments In The Snow

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Guess Who's Coming to Toronto

I am sure by now you have all heard
Joyce is coming to Toronto.
Now this would make for a wonderful girls few nights out.
She will be in Toronto August 5th-7th
Check out her website for all the details.
What do you think Ladies?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Gilbey Christmas

We are a strange family
and adapt to all moods
Steve doesn't like Christmas anymore
"Too Stressful,It's for the kids and we're not kids anymore"
Bahhh Humbug
Funny considering he loves Christmas music.
Dave is getting older(21) and has embraced the families quirky ways adding a touch of his own humour
He asked for a pony and nothing else
and I
Well I like Christmas
and with bearing all this in mind
I got my tree and humourously indulged my husbands mood
and Dave will discover perhaps a Pink or Blue
My Little Pony come Christmas Morn
to top this all off we have decided to
BBQ T-bone steaks this year
as we relax and enjoy
the simplicity that Christmas brings the Gilbey Family
on this Blessed day

Feel free to laugh cause we are having a hoot
I just love our Family humour
Yes the tree is Black

Friday, November 27, 2009

Leviticus 19:18

Do not take revenge or bear a grudge against members of your community,but love your neighbour as yourself;I am the Lord.

Isn't this a hard lesson to apply on crummy days.
When friends are scorned
When lies are spread
or in my case
When somebody smokes my car in the parking lot and doesn't leave a note or report it to mall security.

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I finished a long day at work and walked through the rain and discovered this.
God knew what was coming next
Then He knew I would  ask for forgiveness for my cursed words against another.
He also extended His grace for several hours (this morning) until I came to the place in my heart that said let it go.
It's hard to take revenge against another human being who has not only damaged your possesion but also put you in a financial situation where you feel there is no good outcome
But I am hear to say you can take revenge
The revenge is in your heart and through your words of cursing this person to have a lousy day or wish the same would happen to them.
In the end the curse is upon yourself for disrespecting your Father and His commands.The curse is anger in your heart that opens the gate for Satan and his little imps to wreak havoc on the playground.
As I  spewed cruels words and wishes, my heart began to ache ,my throat closed up and became like razor blades,my head exploded into a migraine and sleep was not my friend.
I have allowed myself to be vunerable to attack.
I am home today when I shouldn't be
I am sick
when I was perfectly fine yesterday up until I noticed my car and began to speak "ill" will against another.
I think not.......
Why you ask
because I rarely get sick and of late I have been sick twice within two months
the common denominator was
both times I was well and after speaking unkind words and allowing my heart to be extremely offended, standing on what I deemed as my right to be this unforgiving. When I dwelled in my anger, not wanting to ask for forgiveness
I became sick.
I am not saying God made me sick to show me the way
I am saying I allowed myself to be open to the fleshly ways of man and showed the world the chink in my armour that left me vulnerable to sickness
Of Body
Of Mind
Of Heart
It is God that has allowed me to be open to His voice that says
Trust in Me
I will take care of you
and heal you of all your needs.

I love it when God gently reminds us of lessons we know but then shows us not only the general principle of the lesson but the deeper meaning within.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Placed in My Heart

My heart aches
I know not why
The Spirit speaks
I hear His cry
Souls lost
My Children scorned
His voice cries out for those yet born

I Love you
I Love you
I Love you child
Follow me and never die

His heart aches
For His lost
My heart aches for our loss

Fear not my child
what:'s lost is found
beneath the glory
of My crown

King of Kings
and Lord of Lords
I Am here within the thorns

Blessed be you chosen ones
Spread My word
for the time will come
When Heaven and Earth
will become but one

Grace and Mercy
I give my flock
Lay down your sins
upon My cross

For soon will come
The day you await
and I will meet you at
My gate

My arms are open
for those who are weary
death is gone
and life becomes living

Monday, November 9, 2009

Toys For Tots

Once again we are having a Gala at work for a cause that is close to our hearts.
Toys for Tots
Approximately 1100 children in Belleville go without a Christmas.
All proceeds from ticket sales go to the Belleville Firefighters
Plus Shoppers Drug Mart will donate an additional $5.00 per ticket sold.
Help us Bless the children of our community
wether you purchase a ticket or stop in to drop off a toy.
The main need every year is
Girls ages 9-12
Thanks to All
for helping us support this worthy cause

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Very Proud Family Moment

to the
Permanent Diaconate
Today my big brother Jeremy and 9 others were ordained as Catholic Deacons
Jeremy has been dedicated to his studies for 5 years
and today was a day of pride for our family.
We wished our parents could have been there to see this day
as Jeremy so eloquently put as he delivered the graduation speech
"For those who could not be here with us today
they have the best seat in the house."
Preach it brother
Praise God
So here are some pictures of our God filled family day.

Jeremy and his family
His sons
Andrew and Graeme
His wife Claire
and his daughter Emily

Me and my Big Brother

My brother and sister Pat
The 3 of us
Last but not least
My Big husband Steve and my Big brother Jeremy

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

True Colours

I love it when incidents of the day become a blessing.
Leaving work I ran into an employee of the mall and we had a typical end of the day chit chat
(mall talk)
"Must be nice to go home and relax I have to work till close"
It was then I told her I wasn't done my day but was heading to Junior High
"You Go to church? You teach the kids?
What do you teach them?
They let you?
Wow I am seeing a different side to you
Your true colours who knew?"
Now you know! I replied
Kinda bothered me a bit
but then
Tonight at JH and Youth we were together we watched a video called Pure
about Jesus and the Samaritan Woman
Well I have never been married 5 times and then lived with #6
but I was far from being pure as well.
Be it of the heart or physically or emotionally
but that was my past and Jesus knew my heart as He knows yours.
Yes we have free will but He is a patient God and His timing is always impeccable.
So even when we don't see our potential in life
others don't see it
God sees it
just as Jesus saw the Samaritans woman's need for self worth and acceptance.
He took the time to go to her and let her know that there is a much greater love in this world than relying on mans
He did this because.......

As I was thinking about this day and the events that happened on my way home
once again
God showed me through music
Isn't He the Best!

Friday, October 23, 2009

A Morning with God

It was a little brisk walking the dog this morning
It wasn't the crispness of the morning air that took my breath away
it was
Being still and seeing
the beauty
Gods eyes

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

THEY walk among us

Are you one of


Main Entry: 1them
Pronunciation: \(th)əm, ˈthem, after p, b, v, f, also əm\
Function: pronoun
Date: bef 12th century objective case of they
1 : they 1 —used as object of a verb or preposition 2 : those —used especially as antecedent to a relative pronoun —used as the subject of a verb chiefly in nonstandard speech and for humorous effect (them is fighting words)

Well Ladies It 's a fact I think very strange things and this is one of them there times.

A Lady is walking through cosmetics and says to me

"I just posted a letter to England and it cost me $1.69. In 1969 when I moved here it didn't cost that much. Can you believe that? What is this world coming to?

To which I replied I think it's kind of amazing that you can communicate with another person half way across the world for only $1.69

Wrong answer Maureen

with a disgusted look on her face she said this

"Oh you are one of THEM"
which got me thinking
What Does That Mean?

Is there a group somewhere I haven't heard of?

How many thems make up a They?

eg: You know what "they" say?

No! No I don't. Who are they? better yet who decided that "They" were right?

Where are these people?

What do "They" look like?

Do "they" lurk among us disguised as regular folk?

All I know is I am now apparently one of "Them"
And initiation consisted of an observation
I am now a part of a secret society!

Do "they" have meetings?

Will I ever be privy to the secret handshake?

This is different from the other thems
because we all know the
The Group thems
As they are recognizable by their cause
and you know this because people call them "Those"
Oh you're one of those
Tree Huggers
those Jesus freaks (heard that more than once)
those Right for Lifers
It's the other thems that have me baffled
so to be safe
I best not think about this anymore
because you know what "THEY" say
"If you think to much your head will explode"

Monday, October 12, 2009

Oh How He Delights In Giving Us Gifts

Well I have been having some struggles of late but this weekend the Lord with all His glory has really shown me grace and through His grace He has given me wisdom that will be cherished always.

The wisdom was

Hey Mo if you are going to talk the talk you best learn to walk the walk.

I have walked in many shoes,some too big and others way too small.

The one thing that was the same is that blisters were always a given.
Time for me to walk comfortably in the shoes that are meant for me and only me.

Well I have had some issues at work. Management on days can be less than desireable.
The tension is incredible and to have to listen to some real cruels words can be unbearable.
Lord get me through them.
It has been so bad that I wear a security device (which we all wear) ,however I chose pager 91 and the girls know this is mine to wear and they give it to me when I come in.
Why 91?
Psalm 91: The Protection of the Most High
It was spoken over me just over a year now.
The past few weeks I decided to take a situation into my own hands,feeling that I was right in every sense of the way.
Humanly I believed I was
Spiritually Ya not so much.
Went to the wrong authority first The owner.
Then to other management but not to my direct manager after all she was part of the issue.
Well guess what 12 days ago I was called into the office and reprimanded by my manager.
While being spoken to I was praying not to try and justify my actions and definitely not to open my big mouth unless there was kind words waiting to escape.
"Lord blunt my tongue now more than ever"
He Did
I learned responsibility the hard way about the chain of command.
What was really interesting the week prior we learned about this in ISOM.
I decided to pray for my boss to not be afraid to show the inner beauty of her heart instead of
Lord get me out of this place.

Last week we learned about patience in ISOM
I am not always patient with the desires of my heart.
With that being said, now that my kitchen is done I now have the desire
(ladies this is a first for me) to have cute little nicknack's in the kitchen. Just something to make it perfect.
Well I saw it and stared at it for a week.
This perfect decoration had one motive for me and one only.
An in your face daily reminder for my family as my main desire is to have my husband and children come to know the Lord.
Kevin advised me not to preach but to walk in the word and they will notice a change.
I called Steve and he said no it's $32.00 and we don't have the money this week maybe next week.
I wanted it now and was very disappointed cause Mo just couldn't wait,which lead to some anger within I prayed Saturday night as I felt guilty for wanting such a monetary thing when bills needed to be paid.
I told the Lord I didn't need this little thing as my true desire was my family believing in Him.
Sunday I went to work the mood was awesome and it has been since the chat in the office.
My boss and I worked together side by side and everything was calm serene and enjoyable.
As the day ended for her she picked up a few things and was headed out for her Thanksgiving dinner but she had one last stop.

A Stop to my counter to give me the desire of my heart.

The tears flowed and the Praise and thankfulness began

He gave me the desire of my heart through the most unlikely person.

My Manager

He showed me the goodness in her heart and he taught me that I need to go to Him first

for answeres.

He showed me the Chain of Command

He showed me Praying for others in authority, for their job isn't as easy as we think it should be.

First of all,I urge that petitions,prayers,intercessions,and thanksgivings be made for everyone,for kings and all those who are in authority,so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity.

1Tim 2:1-2

but most of all

He showed me the shoes that I need to be walking in, are the shoes He purposely and with love picked out for me.

The shoes of Faith and Trust.

When in those shoes no matter how wobbly I am He will never let me fall

3 Trust in the LORD and do what is good;dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.4 Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.5 Commit your way to the LORD;trust in Him and He will do this:6 He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn,the justice of your cause like the noonday sun.Psalm 37: 3-6

Red High Heels

Is The Way I feel

Got The Sways and Reels

But I know I am Going Home

Friday, October 9, 2009

What Are You Thankful For?

Well it's Thanksgiving weekend
and I have to work
Needless to say this morning I woke up very irritable
My poor Husband
My poor dog he didn't get to share mommies breakfast with her like he does every morning
That was from me not the dog.
As I got into the shower I was thinking about why I was so miserable.
It hit me hard
Today is the 4th anniversary of my mothers passing.
I knew this because I spoke about it all week as I couldn't believe it has been that long
it hit me hard
a wake up call of sorts.
I cried like I had Thanksgiving Day 2005 the day she passed.
Needless to say my irritability was carried to my work place.
I felt angry and jealous listening to customers well wishes for the weekend and their family plans.
Long story short
God is sooo great!
He gently reminded me that
many children grow up without mothers or fathers
I was blessed.
So I am thankful to God for
choosing my mother for me
for giving her patience through the teen years
for speaking to my heart
for loving me when I am miserable
for gently correcting my attitude
for forgiving me of my selfishness
for giving me courage to share my heart with you
for my beautiful family
for placing people in my path to lead me back to Him
for all my new found friends
for forgiving me of my past
for teaching me there is a better life
for allowing me to speak into the lives of others
for allowing me to be a mother or grandmother to the children of our church
for the Pastors of Desert Stream
and their wives
for their love grace and patience with me during my walk
and boy have they been patient!
for loving me for who I am in Him
but most of all for giving His only Son
so that I may live
There is so much to be thankful for

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Almost Finished

Well we are almost done.

The flooring came today

The hallway, staircase and door was finished last night.

Now it's just the little things

trim on the walls

new light fixtures

some 1/4 round along the floor

and of course

a new coffee maker and toaster and tea towels and cannisters and perhaps a special kitchen decoration

to match of course.

I know you ladies understand that.

So how many years do you think I'll have to wait to do my back-livingroom?

I know I know One Blessing at a time.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2 In 150 A Mother Daughter Moment

So what do you get a daughter for her 30th Birthday?
Well a decision was made
A girls day
Spa Nope
Hair Nope
Shopping Nope
Something unique and different
of course this isn't for everyone and truthfully I didn't think it would be for me either.
It was something close to our hearts
we took a deep breath
swallowed our fears
clasped hands like Thelma and Louise
and went for it

1 in every 150 children born are diagnosed with Autism
We have 2 in our family
and what blessings they are
This is for them
This is a day Liane and I will never forget

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mini Preview for Vickie

Cupboards are up and painted
still have to paint the wall board and put up trim
and finish the hallway
Oh did I mention I told Steve you can't have a new look to a kitchen if the hallway connecting it doesn't match.
Our new flooring is being installed Oct 8th woohoo!
I will post more pics after all is completed

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Quotes Worth Remembering

"A Person that cannot forgive
is a person
that has forgotten
what they have been
forgiven of "

"Jesus forgave us
before we ever said
I'm sorry"

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Kitchen Timer

Have you ever prayed for something and gave up after what you would consider too long of a wait?

On May 19th 2005

my husband tore apart our kitchen, then decided fixing the outside of the house to be more important.

He didn't do that either.

I prayed for patience with his skills

for his stubborn pride

and for

Strength not to hurt him.

I am sure he prayed for me to stop whining

May 19th 2008

the phone rings a message left

"Hi Steve it's me the kitchen just wanted to wish you a Happy 3rd Anniversary"

(My daughter has the best humour)

Steve did not agree

June 2008

It Hit me

and hit me hard

I have


cupboard doors


I have food

My impatience and whining for 3 years completely


I started to Praise God for what I did have

a well intentioned man

who does all the grocery shopping


fills my doorless cupboards

with food

Yes my kitchen is ugly


torn apart

but I am content

and now am blessed



September 12 2009

My husband is taking me kitchen renovation shopping


Out with the old and in with the new

Praise God, for His timing is always perfect

I know what I have learned during this past 4 years

and that is much more valuable than

any old kitchen or new for that matter

Looking forward to sharing the finished product with you

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Grandma's Little Blessings

Owen age 3
Mackenzie 11
Myer 5

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