Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Most Difficult Change Dying to Ourselves

In my last post Joyce spoke about change. This has been playing on my heart quite a bit lately.
I am always praying that the people in my life would change their ways.
Desiring them to pick up and get moving forward.
Wanting them to stop wallowing in their situations using it as an excuse to stay where they are.Accepting secular counsel be it from a therapist or a doctor or even a friend as a be all end all answere.This is the way it is accept it,and try and live your life within your "OWN" means.
Do not accept this. Do not let the world dictate what is or what is not.
Believe in the only One who knows the plans He has for you.
My guess is it's not sitting on your ass waiting for blessings to just be handed out to you because you Believe in Him.
We must have complete faith in His healing from whatever is ailing us,beit laziness,sickness,pride,financial issues and the list can go on and on depending on our lives.
It's time for us to Die.
Die to ourselves our flesh and start living the life He has given us.
We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.
Ok we can say that over and over again and believe it with all our hearts but are we living it.
I know I'm not.
Truth be known I love watching Joyce, I love taking the ISOM course and I love the lessons from our Pastors on Sunday mornings.
My confession I am lazy when it comes to reading the word.I do but not daily or dilligently.
Why because I have allowed others to do it for me.
Yes I am learning but how much more or closer to God will I become when I hear it from the source Himself.
I have changed alot of my ways but this is one I tend to hold on to.
I have been blessed with His grace in this matter and I know He will never forsake me, but it's time for me to die to that one aspect in my life that is holding His plan back.
After all he died for us. What a sacrifice of true love.
The Lord has really been showing me images of the hungry.
Man cannot live by bread alone.
Oh that must mean get out there and help the poor.
Nope this was about me.
God is the greatest! Amen!
I am really hungry and yet I supress my hunger by holding on to the last piece of me that needs to die.Laziness Fear of what I could be in Him.
Proverbs 6: 6-11 was playing on my heart this morning not only for me but for others in this world.
So today I choose to die to myself and walk with the utmost of faith and I believe it is then and only then His plan for me can be fulfilled.

So Long Self it's been fun but........

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