Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tis the night before the retreat and all through my house the creatures are stirring ,that doesn't include my spouse.
Some clothes are washing others I am packing with care.
Oh my! what about my hair?
So I pack my dryer for my golden main
Ya I know, Kids don't care but I am vain.

Grandmo can you sit on the bus with me?
and when we get there are we going to Party?

Ya No Grandmo is old
and isn't partial to the winter cold.
Chips and dip is all they've asked
I wished Wayne had given me a flask.

This being said all in jest
I better go and get some rest,for those Junior Highs are truly the best.

As I leave you now, I will summarize.
After this weekend those kids will be Super Sized.


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