Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Grandma of Green Gables

Well Grandma of Green Gables is home!
It was an amazing vacation
We didn't get to do all the things we wanted to do,but the most important thing was being blessed with being able to visit with Mike Rachel and Owen (The grumpy little shelf elf).
Owen didn't take well to grandma, I wonder why? Must have been the pigtales.
He shared his cars with Steve and I but he played shy the whole visit.
That's the hard part of being so far away from your grandchild. You are really just strangers that love you. Kinda freaky for a two year old.
Wait till he grows up and sees the pictures I took of him and I when he was asleep. I was getting my cuddles,even if it meant he had to be unconcious. Hahahaha
It rained every day and instead of being down about it I took the opportunity to enjoy the simple blessings around us that we tend not to notice.
A simple drop of rain.
And after a rainfall, my father once told me that the fairies like to come out and play,so I went hunting for them.
I did not find them,perhaps PEI fairies live in the land of red potatos.
Vickie I know where all the red ones are.
Anyway I am glad to be back and as I was telling Roxanne, I now feel comfortable with the kids being so far away. They have a wonderful life on the Island complete with wonderful friends.
They are Happy and as parents we are truly Happy for them as well.

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