Saturday, April 12, 2008

Prayer Request.

Hello to all.

I received an email from my Aunt Daphne in England.

My cousin Mathew and his wife Maria have been trying to have a child.

Conception was successful but unfortunatly Maria has had 2 miscarriages.

Maria and Mathew finally beccame pregnant again.

All was going well.

Maria mother was taken home and Maria travelled to the Phillipines for her funeral.

When she arrived back she became ill with a mysterious infection.The doctors still do not know what it is and are trying to treat it,

Maria's water broke April 10th and their daughter Angelina was born April 12th

15 weeks early. Her due date was July 28th.

Angelina is only 1lb 5oz

So far scans show her lungs and brain are doing well,but the doctors do have to constantly check for fear of infection from her mother and of course her development of her little organs.

Please pray that the Good Lord heals Maria and pray that Angelina's health improves daily.

Enclosed is a pic of Gods beautiful little girl.

I know He is holding her tiny little body gently in His healing hands.

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