Wednesday, October 28, 2009

True Colours

I love it when incidents of the day become a blessing.
Leaving work I ran into an employee of the mall and we had a typical end of the day chit chat
(mall talk)
"Must be nice to go home and relax I have to work till close"
It was then I told her I wasn't done my day but was heading to Junior High
"You Go to church? You teach the kids?
What do you teach them?
They let you?
Wow I am seeing a different side to you
Your true colours who knew?"
Now you know! I replied
Kinda bothered me a bit
but then
Tonight at JH and Youth we were together we watched a video called Pure
about Jesus and the Samaritan Woman
Well I have never been married 5 times and then lived with #6
but I was far from being pure as well.
Be it of the heart or physically or emotionally
but that was my past and Jesus knew my heart as He knows yours.
Yes we have free will but He is a patient God and His timing is always impeccable.
So even when we don't see our potential in life
others don't see it
God sees it
just as Jesus saw the Samaritans woman's need for self worth and acceptance.
He took the time to go to her and let her know that there is a much greater love in this world than relying on mans
He did this because.......

As I was thinking about this day and the events that happened on my way home
once again
God showed me through music
Isn't He the Best!

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