Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mona Needs Top 20

Well Ladies after help from Vicki and Patti I understood what I had to do to post this.
So here goes.

Mona needs extra help.

Mona needs to be so triumphantly nasty that (like Cruella De Vil) just the sight of her makes you eager to see what she'll do next. ...

Mona needs a home

Mona needs to see a doctor

Mona needs to make a concerted effort

Mona needs a man who will love an except her for what she is ( Have That)

Mona needs now.

Mona needs to get out of this hell hole

Mona needs her own interview

Mona needs a mechanism for exporting transformations.

Mona will need to cope with what will be new

Mona needs to calm down and accept that there's nothing immoral, unwise, or unacceptable about consuming meat products.

Mona needs to believe in the existence of angels

Mona needs further exploration

Mona needs a new smile. ( Oh that must be for my cousin Mona-Lisa)

Mona needs to be put to sleep

Mona needs to take time off and relax with some television — perhaps her own show, so she knows what’s going on. ...

Mona needs some swimming lessons!

Mona needs to be a woman, not a girl. Especially not one with such an irritating voice.

And last but not least

Mona needs to have her head examined

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