Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Only Your Best Friend Can Do This

Monday, February 1, 2010

For I Know The Plans I Have For You

Tonight on my way home from my ISOM class at the church I started to reflect on my life growing up.
I began to think about what a rebel I was against the church and it's doctrine.
I would challenge anyone with statements like
Proove it!
followed by statements like What a bunch of Hypocrits
You see that's what I saw as a child.The religiosity,the legalism of man.
I once saw a man kicked out of church because of what he was wearing (The 70's) I was 10 years old and refused to go back to church unless I was made to like Christmas or Easter and even then I grumbled and despised the men who were leading the service.
I then began to think of the children of the church and began to pray that we as Junior High Leaders are instilling the love of God as your friend,mentor and Father.
That Christainity is a relationship with God
My thoughts then lead to the most simplest of prayers
and I began to sing and once again reflect on the moment I reached out and was Saved.
I remember the first time I asked Jesus to be a part of my life. I had the most icredible rush run through my body and was joyful beyond description,but what I didn't know then at age 23 was there was work to be done. I was Saved and my name was in The Book of Lambs and that was that,I could still lead the life I was leading.
Yesterday Today and Tomorrow has come to my heart tonight and I am praising God for hearing my prayer from 5 years ago Help Save Me! I want You in my life,but most of all being patient and loving me for 19 years while I wandered, sort of believed and sinned alot until I was broken.
That is when my cry for help was real and He knew it and only then did he pick me up dust me off and hug me so tight that I couldn't help but feel His presence.
Oh we all know He was there all those years but stubborness and pride Feels No Love
His timing is always perfect and for 19 years He waited patiently for one simple word

Note: Who knew this song would ever have a deeper meaning today in my life than when I was just tapping my toes to a catchie little tune

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