Friday, April 18, 2008

Thankyou from England

Hi ladies just wanted to update you on the progress of my Cousin Mathews daughter Angelina and his wife Maria's conditions.
Maria's white cell count is still high and the doctors still can't quite figure out what is going on with her.She is very tired but in good spirits and her determination to be with her babe is admirable.

She decided to sign herself out of the hospital so she could be with Angelina at the Neo-natal hospital. She feels her white cell count is just her make-up and is determined not to be seperated from her daughter. Please keep her in prayer that this is just part of her genetics.
Reading the book Nurture I can't say as I wouldn't do the same thing as our children no matter what age need to know their mothers from day 1.

As for Angelina she has dropped some weight,so she is now less than 1.5lbs. Maria is pumping and Angelina consumes 1ml per hour. 24mls daily that's less than 5 tsps.
Can you imagine. Wow!
But the exciting thing is she is very responsive to Marias touch and voice. She kicks and waves her tiny arms when she hears her mothers voice.
Shari all I can think of is Are you My Mother, it makes me cry at the thought of the bonding while even in the womb. Nurture between a mother and child does begin at conception.

Her diaper or nappie as Aunt Daphne calls it is half the size of a ladies handkerchief.
She is such a proud Grandmother and she wants me to thank all of you for keeping her family in your prayers and I thank you as well.
Still praying and when I receive more pictures I will post them so we can see the miracle of Gods healing.

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