Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What Does Your Wedding Dress Look Like

Sharing a dream

With being off I promised I would write in my journal but I have been delaying for whatever reason. Talking to my cousin today I was telling her about the wonderful visions/dreams I have been having. I say vision as it starts as I rest and continues in my sleep. I 've decided to share this particular one with you as it has now become a daily thought, sometime brief and other days consuming and very visual.

Some of us have pictured our dresses since we were little girls. My dress wasn't that, it was a pink 3/4 length skirt with a white blouse because we were married at the Justice of the Peace in Century place almost 26 years ago. I chose that because I was afraid of looking silly in a mall in a wedding gown.No regrets just laughter now at the ensemble and how young we both were. I was 20 Steve was 22

In My dream I saw myself sewing my wedding dress. I had to laugh as I failed home-ec so this had to be a nightmare waiting to happen. It wasn't it was really rather beautiful. As I lie partially awake I thought what the heck is this all about and tried to think of something else,but to no avail. Apparently I was going to be sewing this dress all night long and surprisingly the rest of my life.

It was the feeling I had as I sat on this old wooden stool sewing. It was peaceful and serene.The surroundings reminded me of Sleeping Beauty but without the spinningwheel. The thread I was using was silver and I was sewing from the inside out. Some stitches were perfect and others needed to be pulled out and done over. This was a constant happening and yet there was no frustration within in me. There was only determination smothered in patience. Me patient! It had to be someone else sewing. The dress was very plain just white crisp cotton nothing special at all,no frills no beading just white.

When I awoke I had this overwhelming feeling this was about the Fruit of the Spirit.Every stitch was a lesson a new way of Life.

There were Threads of Truth and Honesty,Threads of Love,Threads of Forgiveness,Threads of Repentance but most importantly Threads of Forgiveness.

Was I alone sewing my dress? I don't think so...

This was my dress as a bride of Christ. This dress had to be perfect and ready for the day I meet my Groom.

I know now I will be sewing daily till my wedding day and I strive to have all stitching just perfect.

My question: What does your Wedding Dress look like? Remember One does not have to be married to prepare for her wedding day.

Now for the ending. This plain white dress turned into beauty beyond description.

A hand reached down and covered it in the most beautiful beading,diamonds rubies,saphires,emeralds all stitched with the most beautifull silver threading.
I was at total peace.

Note: As I was sharing this with my cousin today she got very quiet and said she felt the Lord was speaking to her she told me that her brother had a chemical burn on his foot and has to go to the hospital for treatment weekly.

Do you know what they put on his burn for healing.


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