Friday, October 9, 2009

What Are You Thankful For?

Well it's Thanksgiving weekend
and I have to work
Needless to say this morning I woke up very irritable
My poor Husband
My poor dog he didn't get to share mommies breakfast with her like he does every morning
That was from me not the dog.
As I got into the shower I was thinking about why I was so miserable.
It hit me hard
Today is the 4th anniversary of my mothers passing.
I knew this because I spoke about it all week as I couldn't believe it has been that long
it hit me hard
a wake up call of sorts.
I cried like I had Thanksgiving Day 2005 the day she passed.
Needless to say my irritability was carried to my work place.
I felt angry and jealous listening to customers well wishes for the weekend and their family plans.
Long story short
God is sooo great!
He gently reminded me that
many children grow up without mothers or fathers
I was blessed.
So I am thankful to God for
choosing my mother for me
for giving her patience through the teen years
for speaking to my heart
for loving me when I am miserable
for gently correcting my attitude
for forgiving me of my selfishness
for giving me courage to share my heart with you
for my beautiful family
for placing people in my path to lead me back to Him
for all my new found friends
for forgiving me of my past
for teaching me there is a better life
for allowing me to speak into the lives of others
for allowing me to be a mother or grandmother to the children of our church
for the Pastors of Desert Stream
and their wives
for their love grace and patience with me during my walk
and boy have they been patient!
for loving me for who I am in Him
but most of all for giving His only Son
so that I may live
There is so much to be thankful for

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