Thursday, July 2, 2009

Someone is Sleeping In My Bed

For the last 26 years of marriage Steve and I have a routine in the morning.
When the routine changes one notices.
Not necessarily me
Every morning (Unless I work at 8am)
Steve gets up goes downstairs has his breakfast and comes upstairs and showers.
After his shower he comes into the bedroom to get dressed for work.
When he is done he leans over the bed kisses me goodbye and leaves.
Of late our new addition comes upstairs meows as daddy has left her then watches him from the window as he drives away.
She then hops from window to bed and cuddles with mom.
Purring her little heart out.
This morning Steve did not kiss me goodbye and the sound that came from the cat was more of a something is wrong meow.
I rolled over to comfort her and that is when I discovered what her problem was.
96lbs of Reggie in Daddies/Lizzies spot.
The nerve!
Seriously she was so upset she stomped down the stairs meowing all the way.

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