Thursday, January 15, 2009

Plan B

I am feeling the strong need to share with you my past week at work.
I wish that I was writing about the humour of retail but this is not the case.
I would like to start off with making a statement

We were first conceived in the mind of God.

Three young girls throughout this past week came to my counter to pay for their purchase.
The first girl said as she placed her product on the counter
"Don't judge me"
The second "Oh well He's paying for it"
The third just hung her head in shame.
Three different attitudes in the same situation.

I was filled with many thoughts:

You see Plan B is an emergency contraceptive aka The morning after pill
We now sell it. It is placed nicely within our contraceptive section.
My hands are tied for I am not allowed to comment but they can't stop me from praying immediately.

This product seems to the "B" all "END" all product for the times we live in.
You see for less than $40.00 you can terminate a potential pregnancy and mom and dad need never know.

Seriously Really????

Now with all that being said my attitude was different back when I was their age,back before I knew my best friend and His plans for me.
You see ladies my daughter is 29 years old and I am 45 years old.

This struck me tonight while at Junior High.
As Brandon Maracle delivered a beautiful devotion on faith, I looked around the room at the children and their thirst for God,the innocence in their faces and wondered
Will satan tempt these fine young children as they grow physically in maturity.
I wondered how Mark and Rhonda see their youth growing in this world.

How can we spread the word to our young ladies and gentleman that they are worthy and are truly loved despite their need for perhaps physical love in their lives.

There will be times when they may question the need or desire for physical touch as apposed to being blessed with the unseen true loving touch of God.

Why do we all at some point think physical touch is the B all end all?
I admit I thought that at 15
This is not to say I have regrets in anyway shape or form
"For I know the plans I have for you"

I know that now and am grateful for His love and strength throughout the rough period of ridicule and judgement I endured.

So my question is how do we minister to these young kids in the world?
God is not permitted in school anymore
He is not allowed in the work place

I wonder though where we might be today if Mary had chosen plan B
So I pray for the children of this world that we are able to share that


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