Saturday, June 6, 2009

I Love This Man

I Love this Man
Today I just finished my first week back to work and I am in pain.
Not from the surgery but the lack of muscle use while I was off.
I stand all day
My Neck back legs and even my arms are sore.
My husband works much harder than I. He delivers freight in Picton all day long.
He lifts and loads and unloads freight from 7:30- sometimes 6:30 at night Mon-Fri
The man has arthritis and gout in his knees and is constantly in pain.
when I arrived home tonight, he met me in the driveway and came and hugged me when I got out of the car.
It was quite the sight as we were both limping and laughing towards eah other at our not so graceful aging process.
He was also BBQ-ing potatoes and porkchops and the garlic bread was ready to go.
He offered to pour me a drink and when I walked into the house it was immaculate.
He even borrowed pledge from the neighbour.
And even with all he did today plus mow the lawn and walk the dog.
He took the time tonight and rubbed my back shoulders and feet while watching the hockey game because he knew I had a long first week.
Sometimes we look for blessings in our lives and we can often tend to think they will be
Big and Bold and Obvious
it's the simplest acts of selflessness that are truly the Blessings.
God has given me an amazing Blessing
and his name is Steve
and I want for nothing more

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