Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dog Day Afternoon

Sunday Football
a time to relax and enjoy the games.
I am banished to the front living room
(asking questions during the game constitutes the penalty box)
Oh Wait! That's hockey
I was ousted out of "The Club"
Can two people be considered a club?
I ask
Ohhhhh I get it now
Always did 
(wink wink)
It's the simple pleasures in life that amuse me
So as usual I am free to make a few phone calls then have an afternoon snooze
and I woke up to see this
Apparently during half time the boys went for a walk in the field and it was too cold for one of them.
Such a big boy
and Steves big sucky baby
Daddy I'm cold and tired.
Poor Mr. Shivers
aka Reginald

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