Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Value of a Diamond

I wanted to share with you all the value of a Diamond.
Two weeks ago at the Junior High Convention there was an altar call for all those who desperately wanted to change their lives.
Not just ask for peace and forgiveness but to walk away that day truly living in Christ. No more going back to the old ways. An altar call of True healing.
There were children in that room who were truly afflicted with guilt from pornography,depression,divorce and abuse and many who wanted to really live like Christ.
As I sat there in the front pew watching these children give their lives over to Christ and desperately seeking healing I felt the overwhelming need to pray over them all.I felt I needed to Walk amongst not only the children of Desert Stream but all the children there praying over them.
However as I was truly praying quietly in my mind a part of me was also wanting to pray outloud.Remember I wrote about trust, well fear was around me and I was focussed on other thoughts of wether I was going to say the right thing or would I look like a fool or better yet if I pray outloud was it correctly. I was thinking way too much.
I tried desperately to find comforting words but the flow was not there.
I asked God to help me.
It was then I looked down at my hand and realized my diamonds had fallen out of my ring. This ring was important to me as I bought it in rememberance of my mother.
Panic struck me as this ring was .50 karat and I had spent $1000 on it.
I prayed Lord Help me find the diamonds, forgetting about the children.
It was at that moment a sudden calmness overcame me and I stood, tears running down my face staring at all the children.
God found My Diamonds Your diamonds His Diamonds.
They were all around me....... The Children.

I didn't need a monetary object to remember my mother.I just didn't care that I lost what I thought was of value. Truly I didn't.
I began to pray outloud for the healing of the children and of myself for I realized at 45 years old I am one of Gods Children.
God asks us to come to Him as a child and at that moment I came to Him and he healed me of monetary love. I didn't even know I was so materialistic but apparently I was and he showed me. OUCH!

Soon after this I approached Brandy and told her. She replied "You lost your Diamonds" to which I replied yep and don't care because God has given me much more beautiful gems. The children.
We cried as we embraced and then I said "If the Lord wants me to have my diamonds back he will give them to me and if not that's ok too"
It was within a moment Brandy looked down ( appreciate we were now at least four rows back and at least 100 children were at the altar and several hundred were in the isles)and there shining underneath the front pew 3/4's away down from where this journey began was my diamonds.
And ladies there was a light shining on them.
He gave me back what I thought I needed but blessed me with what the true jewels of God are.
Praise you Father.
I now share with you God's gems.Your Children
Beautiful beyond words.

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