Thursday, May 28, 2009

Speaking The Truth

I am having a moment here and yes I am actually in tears.

I feel angry hurt and very dissapointed.

Perhaps I should not write.

Perhaps I should just go into prayer longer than I have

Perhaps I should just ignore this moment


I won't

Because I have something to say about open forums and what people have to say on them.

It's a free world and we have free speech and most importantly Free will.

I am choosing Free will right now because I believe this is important.

Take this as you please forgive me if you must but I implore you to think about what I have to say.

I received a message from a very close friend today. When I saw it I cried ,became angry and then dissapointed.

My heart is aching right now.

It was a post that someone allowed on their facebook with disreguard for others.

Private messages are for a reason.

Use them.

Do you think your facebook is safe from the outside world?

Well it's not!

I got rid of my facebook because of crap like this.

Was it appropriate for my friend to send this to me? You can be the judge of that.

but before you decide know this,it was sent because we are in agreement always that we need to be in prayer for our friends every day.Even when we don't want to be.

Amy wrote a post on Grace and it was brilliant and from the heart and I read it often.

What erks me is that we don't always realize there is a difference between Grace and Grace with enablement.

Choosing sides when friends have issues.

The He said /She said BS

For example:
When a marriage breaks down there are two sides of the story. Yes it's difficult when they are your friends and want to vent. So what does one do?

Lets face it we tend to want to choose sides.

Depending on which story at the moment makes one more of a victim than the other.

Come on we know it's true we have all done it!

Does this mean we were never really a friend to the other partner?

Does it not say in the bible when a brother/sister sins we are to go to them and if they don't listen we are to go with another?

What does one do when you abide by the laws of God and they still don't listen.

You work very hard to extend grace from within yourself.

That's really difficult at times.

But you don't enable either party to walk around and hurt others be it willingly or not.

Their issues can effect you wether one sees it or not.

You can become different and if you don't think people notice You are mistaken because they do.

Do you realize allowing cruel posts can effect your integrity?

The issue then flows over to others.

What does this show our children, because they are watching our every move.

What does this show our friends.

Have you now put them in a position of choosing your friendship over the conviction they perhaps may feel in their hearts?

I am feeling conviction right now.

How I am going to handle this. I am not sure and would love your advice.

Seriously now, Is this really my issue to handle or yours or better yet theirs

Well because of the indescretion on public forums it has now become mine.


Because I love and care for all parties involved and I see how it is effecting others around them including myself.

I am hurt by the lack of compassion for others and it angers me that it is now flowing over and hurting my friends around me.

The saddest part of all of this is we claim to be Christians and we spread the word and we love and extend Grace Blah Blah Blah.

Well we can talk the talk but can we always walk the walk?

or do we choose our moments of Christianity?

I don't know about you but I am so going to try even harder because

You/I/We are not the Judge

but we are being watched daily from the Highest judge of all


Forgive me for my bluntless
My intention of this post is not to inflict pain or hurt on anyone it was to make us all think about what we allow to be posted on any public forum.
To make us think, God extends Grace to us all and we need to follow in His suit regardless of our own personal feelings.

I speak this because I have lived it and I tell you the truth when I say I chose accountability over enablement. I chose God over sin.

Praise God for His Grace and Mercy and Forgiveness

and I Praise Him in the Highest for giving me true friends who extended me Grace without enablement. For placing friends in my path that take accountability to the highest level.
If they hadn't I would probably be posting crap like that too.
Free Will Choose Wisely

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