Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Enthusiasm 2009

AmenThank you Father
Was browsing the blogs as I do several times in the evening and was inspired by Holly's.
Holly has a passion for gardening and I enjoy seeing her pictures throughout the Spring and summer seasons and watching her garden grow.
Her anticipation and enthusiasm for Newness in all things beit flowers or growth in the Lord inspires me.
Holly I feel that from you between each line of your writings.
I got thinking what am I truly enthusiastic about in my life?
I have to say the only thing I could think of was the Lord.
Not a bad thing at all as that is where I am in my life right now.
However I hope I can find something in this secular world that I am this enthusiastic and passioned filled with as much as my spiritual growth.
Perhaps writing, I do enjoy that but don't take the time.
Admittedly a bit fearful of writing my thoughts down.
Those who know me,know I have many uncontrolled thoughts that just seem to be shot from the hip.
So I am going to try and capture these down in a journal.
Hey who knows maybe a best seller one day. Just hope it's not in the horror section hahahaha.
So I ask this question
What are you enthusiastic about doing in 2009?

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