Wednesday, June 3, 2009

There are Candles and There are Stars

Every church has Candles and Stars.

Candles can be our ushers,maintenance people,kitchen help. They are there in the background,unassumingly glowing gently as they serve the Lord

Stars can be our Pastors,our Elders, they are in the forefront doing what they do best shine the light of God upon us as they too serve.


We have all heard the saying Children should be seen not heard.

What an injustice this is to them.

Children have plenty to say and are so filled with wisdom.

The problem sometimes is that children do not articulate as well as we would like them to.

We become frustrated and try to hurry them along in their thoughts and it is then we miss what they are really trying to say,we miss the profound wisdom that is within them.

At the other end of the spectrum children tend to think adults know all.

Yes we may be wiser sometimes due to experience but don't discount their experiences.

Some things we have been through and can understand but now aday there are things we can only try and relate to.

The world has changed since we were young and I pray that more will come to Christ and see that there is goodness in this world.

Tonight was an amazing night at Junior High and Youth.

I have helped lead for almost 2 years now and I have heard alot out of the mouths of these beautiful babes but most importantly I have been taught many things from the children of our church.

Tonight I was blessed to hear not only with my ears but with my heart Mackenzie Martins testimony of her personal moment with God.

She taught us all about LOVE

The breaking down of walls we may have that prevent us from loving fully.

The fact that God can love us no matter what so why can't we love each other the same way.

Just when you think you have it down pat a child speaks in a crowd and the doors of enlightenment and hope open up within you.

Praise God for Mackenzies courage,boldness and obedience for not only trusting Gods love in her and of her but to show us how much she loves us with a trusting heart.

Bless you Mackenzie and thank you for speaking a message to not only my heart but to all that God placed in your path tonight.

We all had the privelage of witnessing a beautiful star tonight and she shone so brightly many wept as the Holy Spirit filled us with words of love from this child.

Our children are the Stars of this world listen to what they have to say.

I promise you,you will be filled with wisdom age cannot give
God can through our most treasured gift.
Our Children

Bless you Mackenzie and thank you for a night I will cherish in my heart always.

Love you lots


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