Saturday, March 29, 2008

Prayer Request

Well Girls if I didn't joke about this I'd cry.
About 10 years ago I got a bout of vertigo. It lasted over a month and was very difficult to deal with.
If you are not familiar with what this is I posted an optical Illusion to explain how I feel 24/7
Inner ear imbalance.
My kids had to walk me everywhere and eventually were tired of it so one day they brought me my coffee and a hockey helmet and said "put this on mom if you get up to do anything today"
I obliged and they thought this was a hoot.
However since this first bout I have had it re-occur every year with the exception of last year.
Well ladies it's back and with a vengeance.
It hit me out of the blue when I got home from work last night and got worse when we were out for dinner.
I know this as I couldn't even drink my coffee at the restaurant and turned down a Timmies on the way home.
I tried to go to work today but had to leave and driving home was rather scary,as movement is nauseating.
I would like to ask for your prayers for healing as I am so tired of this.
I believe the Lord will heal me when we are all in agreement.
Thank you
and Blessings for your prayers.
Ps. Steve keeps singing "You Spin me Right round baby right round"
I think he secretly loves Dizzy Blondes

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